• US /ɑbˈsin, əb-/
  • UK /əbˈsi:n/
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  • adj. 猥褻的;淫猥的;卑污的;令人厭惡的;
  • After a few drinks his dance became obscene

【TED-Ed】生命是如何在陸地誕生的 How life came to land - Tierney Thys

【TED-Ed】生命是如何在陸地誕生的 How life came to land - Tierney Thys Image 05:28
  1. antennae, multiple mouth parts, an obscene number of legs, if you ask me.

    有天線、多重口器、多到噁心的腳… 如果你問我意見的話
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這樣用英文罵人,可以不帶髒字卻超級道地! (How not to swear!)

這樣用英文罵人,可以不帶髒字卻超級道地! (How not to swear!) Image 13:53
  1. some people think it's obscene. that's cool. everyone has their own opinion. so if you

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擁有和經營的智慧 (Owned & Operated)

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麥胖報告 (Supersize Me)

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世界各地的手勢 (Gestures Around the World)

世界各地的手勢 (Gestures Around the World) Image 02:01
  1. while in brazil and other places it's considered obscene,

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出國不可不知的各國禁忌 (Things You Should NEVER Do In Other Countries!)

出國不可不知的各國禁忌 (Things You Should NEVER Do In Other Countries!) Image 04:30
  1. in turkey, the ok sign using the thumb and forefinger is seen as an obscene gesture.

    在土耳其,比大拇指及食指圈住的 OK 手勢是有猥褻意味的。
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「純強迫症」是什麼?(What is Pure OCD?)

「純強迫症」是什麼?(What is Pure OCD?) Image 05:52
  1. of harming anyone or doing anything obscene. but it is psychotherapists

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  1. Out of the realm of what is considered normal - almost to the extreme. Can be used to express an excessive amount of another word - both adjective, verb and noun. Obscene awesomeness. Obscene waterskiing. Obscene hairdo. Expression as to whether this is a good thing or bad thing is taken in the context.
    Dude, did you see the booty on that chick - it was obscene (in this case, defines as big). The obscene awesomeness of this party is wreaking havoc with my brain.
  2. 1. Extreme in some matter, as in color, size, etc. 2. offensive, outrageous, or wild in a fun or amusing way 3. vulgar, disgusting, or unappealing
    1. Dan: Did you see that girl's gaudy glasses? They were so obscene! 2. Rachel: Let's make fun of that fat person in Spanish! Dan: We are so obscene! 3. Dan: Whoa, that cafeteria food looks gross. Rachel: Yeah, it looks really obscene.