IPA [ˈɑbdʒɪkt] KK [ˋɑbdʒɪkt]
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STT_OBJECT: The symbol is associated with a data object, such as a variable, an array, etc.

Determines if the specified Object is assignment compatible with the object represented by this Class.

Wrap general-purpose classes that operate on java.lang.Object to provide static type checking.

The Collection is assigned to a Command object, Connection object, Field object, or a Recordset object.

An object that is not a sub-object of any other object is called a complete object.

【TED-Ed】什麼是熵? (What is entropy? - Jeff Phillips)

【TED-Ed】什麼是熵? (What is entropy? - Jeff Phillips) Image 05:20
  1. that's why if you put a hot object next to a cold one,

    這就是為什麼把熱的物體 和冷的物體擺一起
  2. there is an 8% chance that the hot object would get hotter.

    也有 8% 的機率 熱的物體會變得更熱
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【TED-Ed】的介紹:值得分享的課程!(【TED-Ed】Introducing TED-Ed: Lessons Worth Sharing)

【TED-Ed】的介紹:值得分享的課程!(【TED-Ed】Introducing TED-Ed: Lessons Worth Sharing) Image 02:12
  1. ca: there's an object we see every day that would literally fit one million earths.

    安德森:我們每天都會看見的一樣東西 (太陽),理論上能塞進一百萬個地球
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冥王星是行星嗎? Is Pluto a planet?

冥王星是行星嗎? Is Pluto a planet? Image 04:45
  1. the solar system -- an elegant scientific advance that no one could possibly object

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10 Mind & Brain Mysteries, Psychology Mind Control Report

10 Mind & Brain Mysteries, Psychology Mind Control Report Image 09:56
  1. by structure we are referring to physical form; how the object is arranged, its shape,

    結構,我們指的是物理 形式;對象是如何佈置,其形狀,
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  1. a stupid person. their intelligence is the same as other objects such as chairs, lamposts etc. similar to [tool] or [weapon] in some areas.
    you are such a fuckin object mate, sort ya life out.
  2. Things, both animate and inanimate, visible and invisible
    1)Objects may be closer than they appear. 2)They are regarded as objects, not women. 3)How do you know that there are objects inside of atoms?