• US /ˈnʌmbɚ/
  • UK /ˈnʌmbə(r)/
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  • n. 總數 ; 數目 ; 號碼 ; 期數 ; 夥伴 ; 多數 ; 算數 ; 音律 ; 記號 ; 確定數字 ; 計算 ; 數字號碼 ; 數字 ; 編號 ; 多寡 ; 多少 ; 碼 ; 數; 短曲;短歌; 總數;
  • v. 編了號的; 給...編號; 計入;
  • The number of his apartment was 555
  • I enjoy listening to that particular number
  • What was the number of people who came to the show?
  • They number the tasks in order of importance
  • They number her as one of their friends
  • I do not number myself among the smart students
  1. A term for a joint.
    Light that number, geez, I'm dyin for a toke.
  2. a drug order. how much you want of a certain drug or multiple drugs.
    I texted my dealer numbers.
  3. A rather brutal and secretive group of prison gangs in South Africa. Number gangs have numbers instead of names, and typically have millitary-style hierarchy, extensive tattoos, strict internal laws, and require violence against prison staff for initiation. The 28 Gang also has a system for distributing sex between new recruits and established members. Recently featured on a BBC documentary.
    Numbers gangs include the 26s, 27s, 28s, etc...
  4. Physical damage. To "do a number" in an aggressive situation frequently implies hurting someone, usually a particular body part. For example a number is used in the phrases "I'm going to pop you one" and "a quick one-two" (in boxing).
    Rough him up a little, then do a number on his face.
  5. Short form for "phone number."
    Joe: So what happened with you and that girl at the bar? Sammy: I got her number! Joe: Sweet, you'll be banging her in no time!
  6. Slang for [Kronenbourg] 1664.
    "Pint of numbers and a packet of pork scratchings please, barman."
  7. 1. slang term for a woman
    She's a saucy little number isn't she?
  8. The number of people one has had sex with.
    Bill just broke up with his girlfriend and wanted to hook up with me, but I said no because I'm trying to keep my number down.
  9. It Means Money
    Let Me Hold Some Numbers! You Got A Couple Numbers On You! You Got Some Numbers For Me?
  10. Something that you don't give out to strange people who keep asking for it in movie [theaters].
    Guy: Excuse me can I talk to you for a minute? Girl: Yeah, what's up? Guy: Yeah I just wanna let you know... THE BACK OF YO HEAD IS RIDIKILOUS! Girl: UH... thanks? Guy: Yeah you are welcome. So listen. Can I have yo number? Girl: Uh, no. I just don't give it out... in theaters. Guy: Oh okay I see how it is... SO WHERE YO BOYFRIEND?! Where yo boyfriend at? Girl: Who? Guy: Yo boyfriend. Is he getting you refreshments? Is he tall? He gettin' you Mike&Ikes? Oh you like Mike&Ikes. Is he hefty? Is he coming back? Where yo boyfriend? Girl: I don't have a boyfriend. Guy: Oh you don't? Oh okay. So listen can I have your number? -Credit: MadTV; Can I Have Your Number?