• US /ˈnʌɡɪt/
  • UK /ˈnʌgɪt/
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  • n. 貴金屬塊;硬塊;金塊;小而有價值的事物;
  • My great grandfather found a gold nugget when he worked as a miner

【TEDx】33法則 (The law of 33% | Tai Lopez | TEDxUBIWiltz)

【TEDx】33法則 (The law of 33% | Tai Lopez | TEDxUBIWiltz) Image 18:26
  1. see yourself like a gold miner just looking for that one nugget.

    把自己想成採礦者 只想專心的找出那個金塊
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CNN 10 May 21, 2018 (CNN 10 May 21, 2018)

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  1. dust up with the nugget folks. either way, the things shining on the wings are bling

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未完成的工作 (Unfinished Business)

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  1. - aw my little nugget,

    - 哦,我的小金塊。
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  1. i've had to bring that common sense everyday man view that hopefully adds some texture other than just what's the latest news nugget of the day, which is oftentimes the currency of media.

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十大最噁心的麥當勞事實 (Top 10 Most Disgusting McDonald's Facts)

十大最噁心的麥當勞事實 (Top 10 Most Disgusting McDonald's Facts) Image 10:26
  1. more better yet, which nugget sauce do you get?

  2. when he returned, he described the site before him as quote, a pool of liquid nugget meat can reportedly disappear in as little as two days at room temperature and 10 days in the fridge.

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  1. A person with no arms or legs.
    The nugget spent her days rolling down the street.
  2. the final product of the art known as "nuggeting". The nugget is a good way to humiliate your friends (or enemies) at school. The following steps should be followed when nuggeting: 1. Obtain the subject's backpack. Although seemingly simple, this step is one of the most difficult actions taken during the nuggeting process. 2. Carry the backpack (or have a recon specialist carry it for you) to a top secret location where the subject cannot see you (i.e. the back of the band room, gym, etc.) 3. Unzip the largest pocket of the backpack and remove all items from that pocket only. 4. Reach your hand into the bottom of the backpack and pull the inside out. After this step, the shoulder straps of the pack shoul be on the inside. 5. Replace all of the subject's belongings back into the flipped bag and zip the bag COMPLETELY. This step becomes increasingly difficult as the backpack has more crap in it; therefore i recommend nuggeting a bag with limited supplies in it. After the bag is zipped, the zipper-pull things should be on the inside of the bag and not visible. 6. You have created a nugget. 7. Put the nugget back where you originally took the pack and then get the hell out of there. 8. At the appropriate time (i.e. the end of a standard class period), watch from a safe distance as the subject returns to his backpack only to find it nuggetized. At this point, the subject has two options, they are as follows: -. Unnugget his/her bag and proceed to his/her next class OR -. Take the walk of shame. The walk of shame occurs when a nugget victim does not have sufficient time to unnugget his/her bag and must carry it through the halls to his/her next class. This is the preferred outcome of a nugget. NOTES: It is essential that the nugget be performed quickly, as to minimize the chances of being caught in the middle of the act...nobody wants an unfinished nugget. It is also important to replace ALL belongings in the bag and to put the nugget back where you had found it. Godspeed.
    Subject: Crap! I've been nuggeted! Everybody Else: (Laughs)
  3. a bud of marijuana (pot, weed, trees, etc.)
    yo lets get some nugget and smoke it in a honey dutch.
  4. Marijuana that is seed less, fully developed and it's highly potent meaning lots of thc (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and since it has so much thc you can see crystals on the bud which is pure thc.
    That was some really Dank nuggets we smoked last night, can't remember anything that shit got me so high, it put me out.
  5. A person or a child who is cute, funny, and innocent. A way to describe someone lovingly who you cannot get over what they said, did, or just the way that they are because they are so darn cute! Must be said in a whiney-tone of voice. Nugggettt! Use it and people will follow your lead.
    ex: look at that baby, he/she is such a nugget! or John asked me to the dance, what a NUGGET!
  6. The best food ever, usually made of or branded as chicken. Available at various fast food chains. This food is so tasty that people have been known to randomly exclaim their want for them.
  7. A) A lump of fried chicken in which the entire KFC franchise is based around B) A bag of quality marijuana C) The result of a school prank, in which the victim is distracted, everything is removed from their schoolbag, the schoolbag itself is flipped inside-out, everything is put back in, and the resulting "nugget" is left for the victim to find and de-nugget D) Parental slang for "idiot" E) Spontaneous nickname for a child who is excessively cute, funny, innocent-looking, etc. F) Slang for any large sexual part on a girl's body G) A small lump of something precious, often gold or fried chicken. Duh H) A word with multiple definitions of the Urban Dictionary, in which this defintion has been compiled from all the other definitions by a sad guy with nothing better to do with his time.
    A) Joe: You wanna go to KFC and grab a nugget or two? Jim: Nah thanks, I don't wanna have a heart attack. Again. B) Joe: Where have you been? Jim: Oh, I was just smokin' mah nugget. It was awesome! C) Joe: WHAT THE FCK HAPPENED TO MY BAG?! Jim: You just got nugget'd, duh! *cracks up* D) Joe: Oops, I didn't mean to break it! Joe's mother: Oh Joe, you're such a nugget! E) Joe: Aww, isn't that baby cute? Jim: Yeah, he's duch a nugget! F) Joe: Holy sht man! Look at the nuggets on that one! Jim: I'll ready the [lube]! G) Random gold miner: G'day mate! We be diggn' fer gold Nuggets! Joe: Why should I care, I got mah KFC nuggets right here. H) You're reading it right now.
  8. 1. the testicles 2. an illegal drug, in, raw, (such as cannabis), pill, or crystal form
    The doctor insisted that the reason my nuggets were sore from shaving the regrowing hairs too much.
  9. Human beings with no arms and legs.
    I have this idea for a porn site that is gonna be all nuggets, all the time.
  10. In Scotland, a nugget means "idiot" in it's purest term. You can use nugget in both an offensive and friendly context.
    Offensive: "Whit u lookin at, ya fuckin nugget" Friendly: "Aw, dinnae be a nugget man, lets gan get some drink"