• US /ˈnebɚ/
  • UK /'neɪbə/
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  • n. 鄰居 ; 鄰人 ; 鄰國 ; 鄰席的人 ; 同胞 ; 鄰近的 ; 結鄰 ; 毗鄰 ; 與人親善 ; 鄰;
  • She was his next door neighbor and became a good friend

【TED】在我死之前,我想...(Before I die I want to...)

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  1. we don't bump into every neighbor,

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2012東尼獎開場表演(中文字幕) 66th Annual Tony Awards opening number

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  1. and your next door neighbor was the legendary patti lupone!

    而且你的隔壁鄰居就是傳奇歌舞演員Patti Lupone!
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《最後防線 》電影預告片 Homefront Trailer (HD)

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  1. your door is open. neighbor calling!

  2. hey, neighbor. can i get that pump from ya?

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  1. People who live adjacent to you. They may live next door, down the road, on the other side of the wall, on top of you, or below you. They can be nice, rude, outgoing, shy, or cool. They may bake plates of browines or cookies for you. They may have sex a lot. They may blast shitty music at unreasonable hours. You may hang out with them a lot. You may never see them. Weather you love them or hate them, you had better learn to live with them, because they live so close to you, after all.
    Make sure that your neighbor isnt a serial murderer/rapist.
  2. A Sneaky negative term for black people. Based on "starts with N, ends with R, and you don't want to call a black person this" This term is many times used as a encoded warning
    Bouncer on a radio: Keep your eyes open, a whole bunch of neighbors just showed up.
  3. Neighbor, neighbour, neighbors, neighbours, -noun 1. One who persistantly complains and argues in a annoying manner 2. One who continuously finds fault in all aspects of any given situation. 3. One who is bothersome 4. One who, or that which, annoys. 5. One who violently demonstrates rage or frustration; a sudden outburst of ill temper. [Origin 2004-06]
    "That boy wants to do something with me this afternoon, but I'm busy so he threw a neighbors."
  4. A convenient person to have as a friend as they live near you
    -dude lets chill we live so close, we're neighbors it'll be easy
  5. Another word for a nigger. Used in the work place so your boss doesnt fire you.
    Look over there, those lazy neighbors arent doing a damn thing
  6. When marijuana is sparked the person who calls neighbor will get the next hit. It must be called as soon as it is announced a bowl will be smoked.
    Heather-"Yo, bitches i'm 'boutta fire up this blunt f'real" Emily-"Neighbor!"
  7. A term used to describe a non-live-in sexual partner w/out publicly admitting a committed relation. Similar to [room-mate] w/ the exception that each partner maintains a separate residence, generally w/in close proximity to each other. Commonly used at bars when attempting to gain a new sexual partner when questioned about a current one. Used by both men and women, most commonly heard in the San Francisco Bay Area.
    Sorry I missed your call.. i was having diner w/ my [neighbor]. OMG, so I've been hanging out w/ my neighbor, and he just asked if I'd be his [room-mate]! I can't go out to night, I'm going to the movies w/ my [neighbor]. Oh.. she's just my [neighbor].
  8. In Marijuana culture, Neighbors is the term used to be placed next in line to hit the pipe/joint/bong/blunt, Only used once right before you [spark up].
    Me: I got greens Anyone: I got neighbors You: I got neighbors neighbor
  9. 1) (n)- a person that surpasses any friendship on the planet. 2sy) (n)- a person who shares errything, including "doorfs." 3) (n)- a person who can be counted on to be an incredible person, even in the crappiest of situations. 4) (n)- a person that can't be lived without. 5) (n)- a word that can't really be captured through a written definition.
    I love my neighbor.
  10. People who you live next to. Some can be nice, others can be complete dick heads or hicks.
    When I was little, the neighbors were yelling at my dad for our dog barking at night. However, those dogs were dead for about 2 years when he made the complaint.