• US /nɪˈɡet/
  • UK /nɪ'ɡeɪt/
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  • v. 作廢 ; 否定;
  • If you don't finish the job it will negate all our hard work

終極秘法:到底怎麼樣才能夠吵架吵贏? (How To Win An Argument)

終極秘法:到底怎麼樣才能夠吵架吵贏? (How To Win An Argument) Image 05:27
  1. don’t dismiss their feelings or negate their experiences, even if you disagree,

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  1. the ability to terminate another's super ability.
    If you find out that a friend( or enemy) is bestowed with powers that can only be defined as super, then you will have to find a way to use this ability--NEGATE! This may be the only way to stop a loved one from the corruption of power.