• US /ˈmʌsˌtæʃ, məˈstæʃ/
  • UK /məˈstɑ:ʃ/
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  • n. 小鬍子;
  • The teenager boy was trying to grow a moustache

Google對美國搜索令的因應方式 (Way of a Warrant)

Google對美國搜索令的因應方式 (Way of a Warrant) Image 03:25
  1. deliver the data. now hand it over to the custodian. nice moustache.

    將資料送交給紀錄保管人 鬍子很有型喔!
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Telltale Games' Super Mario Bros.

Telltale Games' Super Mario Bros. Image 01:54
  1. keep your moustache trimmed, bro.

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中國地理 (Geography Now! China)

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購物中心將會倒閉嗎? (The Death of Malls?)

購物中心將會倒閉嗎? (The Death of Malls?) Image 05:40
  1. remote-controlled helicopters or seasonal moustache warmers but if one anchor store can lure you into the mall these other shops get your business - and

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  1. (n.) Facial hair between the upper lip and nose, may link to sideburns but not the chin or else it becomes a [beard]. (n.) Whereas a [beard] is a female used to cover a males homosexuality, a [moustache] is a slight interest shown, eg casual looking along with other males, usually at just one woman.
    Hitler had a moustache Was Eva Braun a moustache? Probably not. The only gay person hitler ever liked he had killed (Ernst Rohm), see [night of long knives]
  2. The growing and manicuring of hair on one's upper lip, usually by an adult male. Also referred to as a crumb catcher, thigh tickler, nose neighbour or the womb broom.
    Are you growing a moustache for [Movember]? Fuckin rights I am!
  3. Hair above the upper lip. And some thing all cool Buffalos have.
    WOAH! look at the killer moustache
  4. the equivalent of a beard, except for asexuals
    "It's so obvious that he's asexual, that she's clearly just his moustache"
  5. noun pronounced: mous-tache a female [mustache]
    Look at the moustache on Jessica.