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  • noun pl. 電機;
  • v. 聯動;
  • The motors need oil to keep them running
  • He motors to the beach on nice days

Indoor Flying Robots

Indoor Flying Robots Image 05:37
  1. motors spin in the other direction plus the reaction torque

  2. when all four motors are turned on the rotational force

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時代精神2:Zeitgeist Addendum

時代精神2:Zeitgeist Addendum Image 02:03:07
  1. walmart, general motors and exxon are more economically powerful

    沃爾瑪 通用汽車 埃克森美孚 其經濟實力
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  1. [Moving] [too fast].
    "You're motoring. What's your [price] for [flight]?" - from the song Sister Christian, by [Night Ranger]
  2. 1. An engine. 2. [British slang] for "[automobile]". 3. Slang for motorcycle, usually in reference to police [motorcycles].
    1. Damn it, my [motor's] shot again! 2. Oi! That wanker just [nicked] my [motor]! 3. After passing the test, Jim was assigned to the police department's motor unit.
  3. 1) To [move] [quickly]. Short for [haul ass]
    "Dude, we [better] motor if we're going to [catch] [Metallica]."
  4. 1: British slang: Moving very fast 2: Transport by car, extremely difficult in UK due to excessive taxation by Gordon Brown, numerous [Gatso] cameras, [speed bumps], [Ken Livingstone]. Impossible in London.
    1: [Jesus], he was motoring! 2: [Ken Livingstone] [hates] motoring
  5. [To leave] the [immediate] [vicinity].
    Dude, this [place] [sucks] - let's motor.
  6. An over-used [catch phrase] of [basketball] commentators
    [The kid's] only [6'8]" or 6'9" but he's got a great [motor]
  7. The most badass and laid back MOS in the Marine Corps. Not always the brightest, but generally good guys to be around. Jobs involve driving big trucks and Humvees, hauling anything and everything, and having [126],362,791 vehicle inspections a month. The saying in Motor T (or Motor [Tizzle] as it was known in my unit) is "If you can't [truck it], fuck it".
    [Infantry] Marine: Oh fuck, why are those guys [shooting the shit] in their trucks and were out here digging another fuckin [fighing] hole?!?!!? Other Marine:Because that's Motor T. Why did I sign up for this shit? It sounded exciting at the time...