IPA [mɔr, mor] KK [mor]
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The number of people who quit their jobs and begin SOHOs should increase more and.

More belongings, more sex, more status, more power, more recognition, more, more, more.

More and more i feel i am lucky to own him.he became more and more muture.

As he talked with more and more gusto, we came more and more under his spell.

There were no more doubts, no more arguments, no more pain, no more fear.

物理教學 慣性定理 (A Baffling Balloon Behavior - Smarter Every Day 113)

物理教學 慣性定理 (A Baffling Balloon Behavior - Smarter Every Day 113) Image 04:41
  1. that means you have more air to breathe than daddy does when i'm going fast.

  2. yeah that means when i go fast, that means more air sloshes back there to you and you have more oxygen to breathe.

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  1. term used by women who are involved in long deep satisfying sex sessions
    "oh baby... yeah... oh yeah... ahhhhh yeah... ahhh thats it yeah fuck... oh thats good yeah... ah yeah Ah AH AHAHAHAHAHAHA YEAH FUCK ME BABY YEAH MORE AH HARD YEAH FUCK BABY YEAH MORE MORE FUCK ME MORE GIVE ME MORE YEAH" etc etc
  2. a word that, if you're good enough, your girl will be screaming over and over again in bed
    "dude, when I was screwing your sister last night she was screaming give me more, over and over again"
  3. A man who is a whore. He likes to show his body to all the ladies, all the time.
    Josh M.: Hey ladies, wanna see my body? Juan S.: No one wants to see that you more!