• US /mɑp/
  • UK /mɒp/
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  • n. 拖地板;用拖把擦洗;擦拭;打掃;作鬼臉;作怪樣;
  • v. 拖地板;用拖把擦洗;擦拭;打掃;作鬼臉;作怪樣;
  • Anna used the mop, but the floor was still dirty
  • I'm mopping the floor because someone spilled some water here

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  1. we're here for done repair. we're the mop-up crew.

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45個關於美國總統的奇人異事 (45 Odd Facts About US Presidents)

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  1. and he could rock more than one look too.a reporter once described his mop as "wild

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大掃除摟!打掃必備的基礎英文字彙 (Learn basic English vocabulary for cleaning your house)

大掃除摟!打掃必備的基礎英文字彙 (Learn basic English vocabulary for cleaning your house) Image 12:52
  1. what's the last one we're going to do? this is what this guy should be using: a mop.

  2. when we say "mop up a mess" or "mop something up," you need this. it's got strings on it, and you need a bucket.

    當你們要「mop up a mess(清理乾淨)」或是「mop something up(打掃乾淨)」時,你們需要一支細棉繩拖把和水桶
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Annoying Orange - Let's Play Clash Of Clans

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  1. and let the minions mop up the last of it.

  2. send in the barbie king and the archer king to mop it up.

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  1. A large ammount of hair atop of a person head
    Sean has an enormous mop
  2. a home made pen made from an fluid applicator of some kind, i.e polish applicator, which has a spoonge-like nib and is then filled with an ink to be used for 'bombing'. It gives a drippy finish.
    i made a mop out of that kiwi polish appliactor that i picked up from Tesco.
  3. In Costa Rica, it's another way of saying "dude" or "mate". It's also another way to say "mae", which is more commonly used. Mop is newer, though, and it seems to be used more amongst potheads.
    Que [mop], jale a hecharnos unas birras. Meanings: How's it mate, let's go chug a few beers.
  4. person used to wipe up the floor; just a stupid and easily made fun of person
    my coach is a mop and will soon become bootylicious
  5. noun (metaphoric); An [unkempt] or [razzy] head of hair (esp. in reference to hair that is long or "big").
    Restless and fidgeting, Caleb tousled his black mop.
  6. Someone with ugly hair that looks like those string mops janitors use
    Look at that guy's hair! He's such a mop.
  7. Member of Public
    The MOP whod reported the offence had sounded either demented, or on drugs, or somethingbut definitely not one hundred per cent in touch with reality. -- "Halting State" by Charles Stross
  8. to get a good blow job, or head
    that girls gives good mop.
  9. A term used largely by gay men and drag queens that simply means "to steal or take without asking or buying." The term was coined during RuPaul's Drag Race Season Three.
    Person 1: How much money we got between us befoe we go into the store, gir? Person 2: idk, but whatever we can't afford we can just mop gir
  10. Marinade Overwhelming Pressure. It basically means (marinade) sink the overwhelming pressure of a situation, like put it aside, then start afresh. its another texitng shortcut. It is used when things get awkward, u know like breaking the ice/silence or one doesn't know what to say in a certain situation. its like breaking a twix bar, need a moment, just say MOP, and it should stall some time. It can also be used for conversation starter or try to bring back a dead conversation. Saying in person is most fun, esp to annoy one's peers. try to clean up your conversation today, by using MOP. It can be used at anytime one feels necessary to use it like (lol).
    Ro : hey dude whatup Jef : sup, chillin u? Ro : same time passes, words unspoken Ro: MOP Jef : LOL :) so what did u do today? (see how the conversation started again, took away awkwardness) lol see how he broke the silence? Ro :MOP Jef : wat? hey (look at this example, see how the convo started?) To annoy ones peers "mop mop mop mop" just say it over and over again in person, or if they dont talk lol (for this last example, might only want to do with peers one is close to lol)