• US /ˈmɑ:nɪtə(r)/
  • UK /ˈmɒnɪtə(r)/
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  • v. 監測;
  • n. 監控; 顯示器;
  • The guards monitor the prisoners at all times
  • The monitor told me to not yell in the school halls
  • I need to clean my computer monitor so I can see it better

電子產品的故事 The Story of Electronics

電子產品的故事 The Story of Electronics Image 07:47
  1. today this usually happens in far off places that are hard to monitor.

    這類加工通常都在偏遠的地方進行 很難監督控管
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東西的故事!請不要亂消費 (Story of Stuff)

東西的故事!請不要亂消費 (Story of Stuff) Image 21:25
  1. like i’ve have had the same fat white computer monitor

    而由於我們證明自己價值的方式 就是靠消費,因此如果沒有去買 新的跟上流行,會是很丟臉的事。
  2. she has a flat, shiny, sleek monitor.

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公民1985 公民覺醒 最後演說

公民1985 公民覺醒 最後演說 Image 39:48
  1. all the social movement organizations should help each other to monitor this government, right?

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我選擇耶魯的原因 (That's Why I Chose Yale)

我選擇耶魯的原因 (That's Why I Chose Yale) Image 16:50
  1. last year i spent the summer abroad, i helped to monitor a foreign election. and now i volunteer at a law school clinic on human rights protection.

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電競人生紀錄片-遊戲大賽真實的一面 (Free to Play: The Movie (US))

電競人生紀錄片-遊戲大賽真實的一面 (Free to Play: The Movie (US)) Image 01:15:44
  1. so i didn't have a monitor, so i went to my friend

    我那時也沒有螢幕 剛好我朋友有個多出來的 CRT 螢幕
  2. and he had a spare crt monitor.

    我那時也沒有螢幕 剛好我朋友有個多出來的 CRT 螢幕
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  1. what you're looking at right now.
  2. a device that is required in order to watch porn.
    i fried my monitor after ejaculating all over it while watching porn.
  3. In sound parlance, any device that allows a performer to hear themselves. Also applies to most all forms of non end user playback. On stage, the monitors are usually wedge shaped speakers that point toward the performers. They are mixed to provide the sound that is not present on stage, usually vocals, keyboards, and other non amped instruments, although they often reinforce such instruments. Larger concerts will have a monitor mixer and engineer that is off to the side of the stage with a special multiple bus [console] which is fed via a stage splitter. Smaller concerts use the auxiliary buses on the main [console]. In studio, the monitors are both for performer and producer, the latter often using speakers called [studio monitors] and the former commonly using headphones. These allow both parties to hear the mix and, most importantly, allow the performer to hear themselves. The studio monitor speakers are used to [mix down] the performance, and to monitor the performer. Common types are [Stage Monitors], [Studio Monitors], [In-Ear Monitors], and [Isolation Headphones].
    "I need more vocal in the monitor" "The monitors are feeding back!"
  4. An output device used to view what the video card's signal is sending to it.
    Nice monitor, dude.
  5. the box like thing full of pixels it has a bright little glow chances are youre looking at one right now.
    A: i need a new monitor B: can you see what im writing? A: yes B: Then whats the problem?
  6. What you hit very hard or toss around when something on your computer doesn`t work, or you`re losing a game Also see [word]screen[/word]
    -Why`s your monitor smashed up outside? -OMG THA NOOB WALLHACKED, I R0XX0R CS!!1"