• US /mɛn/
  • UK /men/
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  • noun pl. 男人(複數);
  • There are two important men in my life, my father and my grandfather

你可聽到人民的怒吼 Do you hear the people sing?

你可聽到人民的怒吼 Do you hear the people sing? Image 02:09
  1. singing a song of angry men?

  2. singing a song of angry men?

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  1. Things With Penises who tell women anything just to get intercorse
    timmy is like most men he tells tina he loves her so he can get ass then he never speaks to her again.
  2. Plural of man. *Real men* are respectful of women as equals. Love their mamas. Hold doors open. Knock out other men who say stupid ass, [sexist] [bullshit]. Will lick [pussy] after they have been given a blowjob. Bring home an equal paycheck, then do an equal amount of housework and childcare. Don't get pissed off when their usual superior economic status is disrupted by a social shift that allows women to take a step closer to equality. Are strong and protective, while also being loving and gentle. Have the character to restrain their temper. Have a brain in their head. Do not stereotype. Often come with big dicks. Faux men say stuff like this in the [women] section of UD, then pop their [zit]s, play some videogames, [jack off], and begin to sob, and wonder why nobody will [fuck] them: "The female of the human species, that are, more or less, emotionless blobs. Since emotions such as love compliment the human sex drive, men have a higher emotional drive to compliment their higher sex drive. Women, conversely... just wander around looking for another way to suck money out of a man, get him attached and then break his heart. And despite this fact, a woman will spend a good 75% of her time saying that men only think about sex and that women are so much better, even though it is always a man that writes the beautiful love song or poem. Though they're not all like this, the stereotypical woman is lying, conniving, selfish, controlling, manipulative, arrogant and chauvinistic. They have the complete inability to think logically or philosophically, and so if you start to talk to them about something like existence, they'll just say that they're right and your wrong and that you should go buy her something. And different than the woman's belief that men do evil things like start wars and such, it's easy to see that a woman will always be the cause for fighting. The world will be a better place when all of the extremely intelligent genetic scientists (mostly men, so we'd have to have men, whether or not we needed to procreate... women? not so much of a necessity) begin to genetically engineer human beings, without the need for the process of sex." "A beast created by God to enduce pain upon man for eternity. Bleeds for seven whole days and does not die. Can suck the life out of a man to create smaller evil beast to defend them in court and steal man's hard earned money." "Punishment from Zeus for mankind because the young god Promethues stole the fire of the gods and gave it to mankind. So Zeus created a new evil for mankind, women."
    Jane: "Eliza, all men are assholes. Your standards are too high. You have never met a so-called 'real man.'" Eliza: "I met him, I fucked him, I married him. And there are others out there, it's just that faux men are louder than real men, so it seems like there are more of them."
  3. The reason for many of girl's problems. Mostly because they think they want anything more than to enter their magical vaginia.
    Crying Girl: Why are you so insensitive?!?!??! Guy: Halo and beer godamnit! Crying Girl: What?!?!?! Guy: You'll never understand..... Crying Girl: (Men......)
  4. has to be macho all the time. dont want to look "gay", even though its proven that more men have sexual thoughts about other men then women have about other women. A lot are very homophobic because they can't let anyone know they are gay or bi. So girls ask your man if he would have sex with another man, and if he shows his disgust for more than a hour... hes gay.
    "Are you gay jon?" "EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!! i would never do that!!!! EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!! thats gross!!!!!!!! thats sick!!!!!!!! dont ever ask me that again!"
  5. 1. Purely logical and emotionally stable, they will insult each other and gossip during their daily [man talk], as well as throw [epic] [manly] [hissy-fits] when they [FAIL]. (Which is pretty much all the time.) They secretly wish they had their own pair of [boobies].
    only men r on teh internuts lol!!!11one!11eleventyone!oneone1
  6. Apparently, the better sex. It's 2009, we really don't need to think we're all so great. On behalf of all the idiots that call themseves men on this site, ladies, belive me, we are not all like that. Some of us are actually not sexist testosterone filled nut jobs. If you ever get married, try and avoid those types.
    Douche-[Men] are better than [women] woooooo! Normal man- No we're not. We're good at differant things, geez you'd think we were living in the fifties.
  7. i think i seen one of those the other day
    1 out of every million men is a real man
  8. Men can be the most wonderful thing ever for a woman to meet , or they can be selfish pigs who want women to do everything for their lazy asses. All men are different , so you would have to get to know a man before you judge him , but women can be just as bad by judging him to soon and not loving a man , just wanting to suck him dry of his money. Some woman will respect a man and not care about the money , just how much they love their man. In return a REAL man should give respect back and love her , help her with the house work , and honestly think they are equals. Men should not have to respect women who are bitches to them and steal their money and so on , so if any man out their is being treated badly by a woman and getting no respect from their equal , and you ARE respecting her , then dump the bitch and go find yourself a REAL woman , and leave sterotypical woman behind. I know for a fact men and women are exactly the same , even though they look different , deep-down their all equals , because some women are either nice or mean and thats the same for men. if your a man and you think your better than all woman , just because your a man ... THEN FUCK YOU! AND IM TALKING TO THE WOMEN AS WELL IN THIS KIND OF MATTER! and unfortunately , woman have to suffer with periods and have mood swings they cant control sometimes , and REAL men will know she cant help it , will not judge and try to not get in the way of the mean machine of the month! It affects men to , so sorry for the men who have to grin and bear it every once a month , but im sure it will help if you think about how the women is feeling just as bad as you ( pain-wise ). Without men , the human race could survive. Without women , the human race could not survive.
    both men and women are responsible for being parents and should not leave the baby alone with the other parent , they should work together as a team. Sadly a lot of men still try to be better than woman and don't realize the equality. The olden days , when men ruled , women were useless because no-one taught them to do anything except raise kids and now look at today , how society has become better! I hope im alive to see men and women treated the same and the mojority of them dont act like complete pricks. With the women today , and how they are comparing to many years ago , i beleive that day will come some day. the point of this is really... Men ... can't live with them , can't live without them. Woman ... can't live with them , can't live without them. I hope this writing makes you realise the true solution , even though the solution to the problem with men and women will probably solved on its on , in time... Thank You For Reading :D :)
  9. A human with a penis. Also without breasts, hopefully. Not to be confused with boys, they tend to be cheating bastards who do not respect their human counterpart; women. A smaller portion of the male race redeems the race by acting like men.
    Nice men don't finish last, they finish happiest.
  10. simple, and yet complex. A bundle of feelings, that they never show. Ahh, who the fuck am i kidding, men are just a dick between two ballz, and dont let them tell you different.
    "Honey, i was not thinking about sex!" "Can you adleast take your hands off my tit while you lie to me?!"