Melancholy melodies to soothe away a melancholy day.

A month ago I noticed a strange melancholy in her, not simply silence, but melancholy.

Somewhat melancholy to be sure, but this was only in keeping with her own melancholy temperament.

Scrooge had his melancholy dinner in his usual melancholy restaurant and went home.

The striated space of life, the smooth space of melancholy.

睡眠如何影響你的面容?How Does Sleep Affect Your Face?

睡眠如何影響你的面容?How Does Sleep Affect Your Face? Image 03:00
  1. it's certain...i don't know...melancholy to the overall look that is off putting...

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【腦筋急轉彎】悲傷的力量竟然可以使我們更聰明! The Power of Sadness in Inside Out

【腦筋急轉彎】悲傷的力量竟然可以使我們更聰明!  The Power of Sadness in Inside Out Image 04:05
  1. in his 1621 work "anatomy of melancholy", robert burton wrote in experiencing melancholy,

    1621年的《憂鬱的解剖》,在研究憂鬱的過程中, Robert Burton寫下:「增加悲傷.....增加智慧」在研究憂鬱的過程中
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人生的意義:擁抱自己的憂傷 (On Feeling Melancholy)

人生的意義:擁抱自己的憂傷 (On Feeling Melancholy) Image 03:02
  1. melancholy isn't exactly a word on everybody's lips.

  2. melancholy is a species of sadness that arises when we're open to the fact to that life is inherently difficult,

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  1. A feeling or sense that something much better is possible, plausible, and definitely happening to most other people at that very moment.
    With great melancholy, i realised the olsen twins would never return my calls, much less engage in the tag team naugahyde pleasure ride i was so eloquently and persistently offering in my messages.
  2. sad, gloomy... unhappy, getting angry for little things for being sad...
    Fred was melancholy due to his family and freinds giving him a hard time.
  3. Sadly thoughtfull, glum
    He felt melancholy as he gazed into the rain
  4. The sense of unwanting and disbelief, with the ability to drag you further into its depths of irretrievable hell... it even has the ability to [kill] people, works well in poetry i find, if you are going to travel on this path, make sure you leave a realy long rope behind you...
    Like a mound of dirt that i just can't seem to climb up, every time i move i slip further down, to the depths of where i don't want to be, someone, please someone save me... i don't want this to happen
  5. To be 'melancholy' is a brand of sadness that is over thought, prolonged and can be caused by any reason regardless of its the magnitude. It's a very personal, heavy weighing sadness. It has similar characteristics with depression however, melancholy is an insidious sadness. It's more than simple desolation or dejection, melancholy feeds on pensive self reflection in such a low state, reflecting lower and lower on itself until you can't see anything other than sadness.
    Example 1) Person 1: I just went for a 5 hour walk, didn't bring any food or water and just listened to music. ... Person 1: It's 3 AM... maybe I'll just eat tomorrow. ... Person 1: ... fuck I need to stop thinking about this so much, it's making me Melancholy. ...