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  • noun pl. 製造商,製作者;
  • The largest number of furniture manufacturers are located in North Carolina

【TED】Rory Sutherland :一個廣告人的生命啟示

【TED】Rory Sutherland :一個廣告人的生命啟示 Image 16:40
  1. so, eventually, the manufacturers actually

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【TED】Jinsop Lee:五感設計 Design for all 5 senses

【TED】Jinsop Lee:五感設計 Design for all 5 senses Image 09:04
  1. how well cigarettes are designed by the manufacturers.

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【TEDx】智慧3D,列印未來:Richard Brown at TEDxTaipei 2012

【TEDx】智慧3D,列印未來:Richard Brown at TEDxTaipei 2012 Image 13:38
  1. it's got thousands of great manufacturers who can turn a product into

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中國到底有多強? (How Powerful Is China?)

中國到底有多強? (How Powerful Is China?) Image 04:10
  1. if india or another country can afford to pay its workforce less, manufacturers will almost certainly leave china.

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  1. A factory owner, somebody who produces goods.
    I'm not a manufacturer.