單字背了又忘?試試 VoiceTube 精心研發的線上課程吧!
  1. The act of penetrating a woman and making it terribly uncomfortbale. In order fo the [manifold] to be pulled off the female's legs must be put over the man's shoulder, during the penetration. While this is going on the male must use both of his hands to [jab] two fingers on each hand into the pressure points in the females [armpits].
    Chris put [Jessica] in the [merzy manifold] last night and, [as expected], she never called him again.
  2. The [FBI] eating and [kidnapping] little [elders].
    They got [arrested] for Clare Manifolding this [107] year old called [Karan Brar]
  3. To heat up ur car [manifold] hot enough to cook a burger usually contains a group of [red necks] mudin drinking [pabst] who decide to waste a pound of beef and put it on there manifold.
    Aye Jim ur [mani] lookin offly hot what do ya say we crack [pabst] and cook some [manifold] burgers
  4. In the movie Fast and the Furious, Brian (Paul Walker) races a FWD Eclipse [rice car] in a quarter mile drag, and in his haste to beat Dominic (Vin Diesel), used too much NOS and the laptop computer managing his engine told him an there was an imminent danger to his [manifold]. The metal [floorboard] for the passenger seat comes lose and flies off his car, somehow linking his manifold and his floorboard as being an integral part of his street racing machine. Computer: Stage 1 Complete Paul: <presses Stage 1 [NOS button]> Computer: (beeping) Danger to [Manifold]! Paul: "Shut up!" <slams shut laptop lid and presses Stage 2 NOS button> This phrase can be used to describe anything that is bad and you want to reference the movie to make the situation funny.
    Person 1: [Hey dude], look how ugly [that chick] is! Person 2: OMG [DANGER TO MANIFOLD]!
  5. It's what the term [CMP] stands for in the [civil engineering] world. Not really, but this way when the instructor follows the link one should [leave on] a final exam, they see proof that this word is in fact, in a dictionary.
    [The contractor] ordered [40] [ft] of Cement Manifold Pipe.
  6. A stuck up primary school teacher who thinks hes all the best when actually hes a little idiot and has a massive for head. We think hes gay with mr [parr] and billie eilish like just WOW! Hes crazy and everyone hates him so [F off] and stop thinking your amazing when no body likes u (except from bloody goody [too shoes] like one of my friends)
    [Mr manifold] is the worst [teacher] anyone could ever had, dont even know how [he has a girlfriend]....