• US /mæn/
  • UK /mæn/
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  • n. 人類; 成年男子; 男人;
  • v. 操縱(機器); 人員;
  • Man has tried for peace, but war interrupts
  • Paul is such a nice man
  • Because he is into hunting, he thinks he is a man, but to me it is just a weakness
  • Please man the school gate because there are too many cars coming in
  • The father gave his daughter a chance to man the sailboat

【TED】伊斯梅爾·納扎里歐: 作為一個孩子,我在監獄學了什麼? (Ismael Nazario: What I learned as a kid in jail)

【TED】伊斯梅爾·納扎里歐: 作為一個孩子,我在監獄學了什麼? (Ismael Nazario: What I learned as a kid in jail) Image 11:28
  1. with another young man in my housing unit,

    我和另一個和我同住宅單位 的另一個年輕人打架。
  2. i walk away from it like a man, you walk away from it like a man,

    我展現了男子大丈夫的氣魄, 你也展現了男子大丈夫的氣魄。
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  1. Someone who is obsessed with women making them sandwiches.
    Manfred: Make me a [sandwich], woman! Mildred: What a man...
  2. A person with two heads.
    For a man, unfortunately, the smaller and less talented of his two heads defines the course of action in the vicinity of a person with one head.
  3. look under [pervert]
    You're the man now dog!
  4. PERV!
    person:Hey, whats a [man]? person2:[:-O] UR A PERV
  5. A derogatory term for someone who is being unfair, stupid, idiotic, asshole-like, monstrous etc... Man can refer to both males and females.
    Ugh, he/she is such a man! What a man!!! Could he be any manlier!
  6. A male human (?) who comes to UD to write "a woman must obey the three C's: Cooking, Cleaning, Sucking"* but still gets VERY upset when you call them primordial beasts, porn-crazed cavemen and uncivilized Neanderthals. His usual response is to go to the woman section and write "useless skin around the vagina" for the hundredth time. Huh. * Btw, I know that sucking starts with S but a man on UD doesn't. So for him "cooking, cleaning and sucking" is the "three C's".
    Man (actual quotes!): "A woman is the workhorse of the dominant class. They are only there to serve men. They are mobile dishwashers and objects, not people. They deserve to be slammed and beaten. Women should be eradicated!" Woman: Lollololololololololol!!! The men of UD Uhuhuhu *making monkey noises* Hey Cavemen, who let you out of the zoo?
  7. one who does not know how to judge a woman by the inside because all he wants is a piece of ass
    I wouldnt be single if some man would look at my heart and not my ass.
  8. 1- An unseen political force which watches and opresses everyday people. 2- Big brother, as referenced in the book "1984" by George Orwell.
    It' just the man trying to hold me down! Be Careful, the man is watching you!
  9. A twisted creature that hates women but still wants to fuck them.
    90 percent of the definitions on "woman" are: "useless stuff around the vagina", "useful for three things - cooking, cleaning and sucking", and "mobile sperm bank and dishwasher". You are not terribly smart, are you, boys?
  10. Dear editor, this entry does not violate any of the rules on the editor homepage. "Rule 3. Publish opinions. Don't reject an entry just because it's opinionated. Opinions are useful to readers unfamiliar with a topic. Don't reject an entry because you disagree or are offended. Don't reject an entry because you think it's inaccurate." It is not sexist as it is a view which can be held by any gender, does not generalise entire groups and does not mention any approval or promotion of discrimination. "Rule 2 Entries can document discrimination but not endorse it." So act with a little integrity, for once. 90% are useless, worthless arseholes who vote up and post misogynistic definitions. when they're not doing that they're probably whining their egocentric hearts out that people are complaining about their stupid misogynistic arses whilst desperately trying to distance themselves from that fact. despite this they'll often either a) not vote down male chauvinism and only recognise sexism exists when (shock, horror!) it's directed at them (useless, worthless arsehole) or b) laugh at misogyny and casual sexism and vote it up. c) the absolute rarity on urbandictionary: feminist male who votes down chauvinistic, masculist sociopathy and who doesn't expect people to simply accept casual chauvinism and irrational prejudice because some other oblivious, privileged arsehole who only empathises with their own interests (fuck you) finds it amusing.
    "i laughed my head off at the notion of the delusional man who claimed UD was not a repository of the racist, sexist sentiments of antisocial, teenage white heterosexual males, they need to find a clue. off the top of my head: rape (15 out of 20 pages = misogynistic bullshit), domestic violence, domestic abuse, sexual harassment, patriarchy, women's rights, feminist (5 of 11), feminazi (5 of 8), surprise sex, faggot, dyke, mangina, slut, slut shaming, whore, bitch, cunt, cum dumpster, woman (16 of 20 - chauvinistic bullshit), women (8 of 10), female brain, female logic, 50 facts about women... cba to write any more, you only need to open your oblivious eyes to see what is evident, if you've been an editor you'll also know that almost every other definition that's submitted is a made up sexist term where the female is sexually degraded anyway or something racist/homophobic... which often still gets accepted, DESPITE it being against rule 2 on the editor homepage which states "2. Reject racist and sexist entries. Entries can document discrimination but not endorse it."(pissed off pirate, alabama hot pocket, red sock, anybody?), but what do you expect when 90% of the editors themselves are other egotistical antisocial, teenage white heterosexual males?"