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  1. To poop.
    "You mind if my doggy make on your lawn?" "Sometimes I make in my pants"
  2. to have sex with
    "I'd love to make her--give her the greatest sex ever."
  3. 1. Something earned or accomplished through much hard work. 2. The potential to earn any kind of return, income, or produce a surplus, real or imaginary. 3. Universal descriptor of a thing's essence or nature.
    1. After many years of inadequacy, his hair was finally make. 2. How much make do you have? 3. The make of that is gold.
  4. Hawai'ian for dead - Pronounced mah-keh
    He jump the cliff, went make. meaning He jumped off the cliff and died.
  5. Hawaiian word which translates to DEAD or DOWN. usually used by a person who wins a fight. pronounced (Maaa-Keh)
    (punches guy in the jaw and knocks him out.) sup you [faka]!! ma'ke!!!! ma'ke!!!!!