• US /lʌk/
  • UK /lʌk/
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  • n. 運氣 ; 造化 ; 幸運 ; 僥倖 ; 帶來幸運的東西 ; 吉祥物 ; 運;
  • She always seemed to have good luck in whatever she did


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臺北旅遊建議 (Taipei City Guide Travel Tips)

臺北旅遊建議 (Taipei City Guide  Travel Tips) Image 44:38
  1. however, if you're here on a rainy day and a monday like we are you're out of luck.

    但是,如果你在這裡在雨天和 週一像我們是你的運氣了。
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愛上台灣 (Falling in Love with Taiwan)

愛上台灣 (Falling in Love with Taiwan) Image 21:20
  1. and this is to make sure that you leave all of your bad luck behind.

  2. wish us luck!

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神秘的台灣飛碟村 (Mystery of Taiwan's Abandoned UFO Village)

神秘的台灣飛碟村 (Mystery of Taiwan's Abandoned UFO Village) Image 18:35
  1. and that, of course, brings very bad luck.

  2. and they represent good fortune and so to destroy one is seriously bad luck.

    他們代表著好運等等 摧毀一個是非常糟糕的運氣。
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_一一一 (Skyline LugeSentosa )

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World Championship of Public Speaking: Part 1

World Championship of Public Speaking: Part 1 Image 05:22
  1. luck of the draw, so i'll give it my best.

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Li Na excited ahead of 'favourite Grand Slam'

Li Na excited ahead of 'favourite Grand Slam' Image 00:46
  1. if i have time, i'll watch him play on the court. wish good luck for him."

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  1. The absence of skill
    That was all luck baby!
  2. something that I don't have.
    Guy 1: Are you okay? You fell pretty hard. It looks like you broke yor spine and will never be able to walk again Guy 2: Yeah, it's just my luck
  3. An indiscriminate phenomenon of chance or fate, which one comes to increasingly appreciate less with hard work.
    Pretty much every time you get something you know you don't deserve
  4. when something for once in your life doesn't end up being fucked up or bad
    Man, so glad I didn't get shot again today. Must be my lucky day.
  5. Only getting wet when you should have drowned.
    Like the handle on a piss pot, there but not in it.
  6. 1. What a lot of [Counter Strike] nerds say when you kill them. 2. What sore losers say when they got their ass whipped by someone better than them.
    1. CS Freak: lol what a luckzor, u got luckzorz buddy. CS Player: Oh shut up you nerd CS Freak: You got lotz of luckzors in your pantzorz. CS Player: you can suxorz my nutzorz fagzorz. 2. You lucky freak, you beat me by 20 points. You're so lucky.
  7. life itself
    count yourself lucky every day your alive...
  8. Luck is a combination of the words like and love. Love + like= Luck. To be used when that is what your feeling about the other person. You know you more than like them, but not quite to love yet. Can also substitute a shamrock as a shortcut. %%-
    Guy: I luck you gf Girl: I love errr...luck you too bf %%-
  9. The best quarterback currently in the NFL, who plays for the Indianapolis Colts.
    Andrew Luck threw for 4,374 yards in his rookie year.
  10. It may seem good now, but down the road it will fuck you in the ass one day... hard.
    "Wow! Gary just asked me out! He's the hottest guy in the grade! I must be the luckiest girl on Earth..." The next day... "Just my luck! Gary took me to his place, tied me up, and started pounding his 10" long dong."