• US /lus/
  • UK /lu:s/
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  • v. 放射;開火;
  • adj. 不精確的; 鬆的; 鬆散的;散開的; 未嚴加控制的;
  • She let loose a spray of bullets from her gun
  • I have the loose idea but will draw the details later
  • My pants are loose at the waist, I need a belt
  • The loose peas rolled all over the floor
  • The father has loose control over his family

BBC - 我與我的自閉症 (My Autism and Me)

BBC - 我與我的自閉症 (My Autism and Me) Image 14:22
  1. i would sort of loose my vision, i'd be able to hear but i wouldnt see. i'd be seeing red in my sight ..

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Mad TV - Substitute teacher 代課老師

Mad TV - Substitute teacher 代課老師 Image 04:09
  1. there is no excuse to be loose!

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封建主義在歐洲 (Feudalism in Europe)

封建主義在歐洲 (Feudalism in Europe) Image 03:57
  1. feudalism was a loose system of law in which powerful lords divided their land holdings among lesser lords.

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  1. A woman's vagina after she has had many different sized penises.
    The slut is so loose, since she gets laid every night by a different man.
  2. 1. Opposite of [tight]. Baggy, roomy fitting. 2. Derogatory discription of a woman who has had many sexual partners. 2. Also common mis-spelling of [lose].
    I need a belt. My jeans are loose. Man, yo woman's loose! (followed by receiving a punch) Tonight, your team is going to loose.
  3. the result of being a whore
    Every girl in the sophmore class of westfall high school in williamsport ohio is loose
  4. A term used to describe an over-fucked pussy.
    That bitch is so loose, it is like throwing a hotdog down a hallway
  5. whenever your pussy is loose
    "Lucy fucked so many guys that her pussy got loose and her new name became 'loosey loose'."
  6. To be exteremely inebriated by drugs, alcohol or a combination of both.
    That guy is f**kn loose
  7. Increasingly common misspelling of the verb "lose." The pronunciation listed here (L-ooooo-se) does not apply to this definition. The correct pronunciation of "loose" rhymes with "goose" and "noose." The word many people think they are spelling, "lose," rhymes with "booze" and "news."
    "No matter what I do, I'm going to loose [sic] this chess game." The sentence should read: "No matter what I do, I'm going to lose this chess game."
  8. Paris Hilton
    Paris Hilton is loose cuz she be a whore
  9. A multi-functional term 1. The state of being intoxicated to the point where one's inhibitions are minimal to non-existant. 2. Any action undertaken whilst in this state can be classified "loose behaviour" 3. The intoxicant itself
    1. "Wow man, i just drank 20 beers, im really loose" 2. Action: Dude vacates hot tub, walks into nearby bedroom and urinates on the carpet. Response of other houseguests: "Dude that was fuckin loose" 3. Dude 1: "Lets go up to the Dan Murphy's and acquire some loose" Dude 2: "Sounds like a loose idea"
  10. when a girls pussy is loose, like she's had too many man inside her so it feels loose when the man enters.
    fam, her pussy so loose feels like a bucket.