• US /'lɒkɪŋ/
  • UK /lɒkɪŋ/
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  • v. 使固定; (用鑰匙)鎖住;
  • The cart's wheels were locking into place before it stopped rolling
  • We are locking the doors at five.

為什麼我們有不同的血型?(Why Do We Have Different Blood Types?)

為什麼我們有不同的血型?(Why Do We Have Different Blood Types?) Image 01:35
  1. the antibody then attaches itself to the antigen similar to a locking key,

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  1. A funk dance created at the early 70's by Don Campbellock. There were the Funk dance, a social dance that everybody knew how to dance. In this style there was a move called Funky Chicken. Don Campbellock didn`t know how to do it right cause every move he did, he used to "lock" his arms. Then the people would say to him: "Do the Lock, Campbell". He created some more moves and patterns and called his new dance "Campbellocking" or just "Locking"
    Do the lock, Campbell Hey that guy cac lock very well!