• US /lɪp/
  • UK /lɪp/
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  • n. 唇; 唇形物 ; 端緣 ; 唇瓣 ; 嘴唇 ; 唇;
  • The lip of the cup is covered with lipstick
  • She had a painful cut on her lip after the bottle broke

失散多年的会员 (The Long Lost Member)

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Dear John Malkovich S01 E01

Dear John Malkovich S01 E01 Image 04:35
  1. between blowin' the shit outa mexicans we can have him lip-synch some sappy shit about

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  1. A nickname for the inner and outer labia, the fleshy folds that protect a woman's clitoris and vagina.
    I could see her lips through her panties.
  2. The gates to heaven.
    Man i wanna open up those lips and dive right in.
  3. the freakin things on your mouth. that can be used to show affection. one way or another...
    I have two things on my mouth that are called lips.
  4. the action of dipping, or "chewing" tabacco
    i think its time we throw in a lip... meaning, lets dip
  5. (noun) lips of the vaginal opening.
    Yo, watch'o lips!
  6. To give someone lip is to talk back to them, to speak them in a disrespectful manor etc Generally when someone speaks to someone significantly older then them with a level of disrespect, contempt and/or in a considending tone that shows they have no respect for their elder(s). No one likes it when someone gives them lip. To give someone lip is practially begging them to take you over their knee and give you a [spanking].
    Adult: Please stay off my grass; you're runing it by running all over it. Kid: *talks back* Adult: Don't you give me lip boy!
  7. n. A contradiction of, or argument against what someone else has said. v.: [give lip], to contradict or argue against. See also, [lip off].
    That teen is always giving her Mom lip.
  8. the outer covering of a pussy
  9. Live In Peace. Used as a sign off, as opposed to Rest In Peace. Kinda like RIP, but for alive people.
    MYSPACE COMMENT: heeeeey, hows it going? pc4pc? i heart you guys. l.i.p. xX~Anarchy~HannahXx
  10. An increasingly popular contraction that stands for "laughing in public". Originated by the infamous underground rappers Tay T & Mar J in a collaboration with Drizzy, LIP is used commonly in chatrooms, on social networking websites, and through text. It is a subtle way to express the embarrassment that occurs after encountering something so funny that it is impossible to stifle your laughter whilst in public. Can also be used to describe laughing at a computer screen, even and especially if you're all alone. Often used repeatedly.
    M: *Texts a picture* T: She looks like a burrito M: LIP LIP