• US /laɪn/
  • UK /laɪn/
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  • n. 邊線;界線; 具紋線的; 繩 ; 線路 ; 壕溝 ; 皺紋 ; 血統 ; 界線 ; 輪廓 ; 主義 ; 命運 ; 軌道 ; 排列 ; 填滿 ; 線 ; 隊 ; 紋; 字行; 電話線; 隊;排; (細長的)線;
  • v. 沿著...排列;
  • The line marking the end of my land is those trees
  • This line on my forehead was caused by worrying
  • Please sign on the black line
  • The line of numbers is three pages long
  • Your mother is on the line, do you want to talk to her?
  • The people formed a huge line at the door to his room
  • The phone line is too short to reach you, so come closer
  • We should line the shelf with paper before putting things on it

【TED】羅克珊娜.蓋伊: 壞女性主義者的告解 (Roxane Gay: Confessions of a bad feminist)

【TED】羅克珊娜.蓋伊: 壞女性主義者的告解 (Roxane Gay: Confessions of a bad feminist) Image 11:29
  1. until we demand that change by affecting their bottom line.

    除非我們透過影響他們的基本態度 來要求他們改變。
  2. the last line of my book "bad feminist" says,

    我在著作《壞的女性主義者》 最後一行提到:
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安东尼罗宾演讲视频 (Tony Robbins

安东尼罗宾演讲视频 (Tony Robbins Image 34:08
  1. place, off of disney, but the bottom line is the guy didn't have an exit strategy. it

    地方,離迪斯尼,但底線 是的傢伙沒有一個退出策略。它
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  1. A 'line'(for lack of better word) of any powdered drug that is snorted, often through a rolled up 100 dollar bill.
    "Snort a line of this." "What is it?" "I don't hear snorting..."
  2. Line is a Norwegian name for the most awesome girl ever! Line is a very unique and lovable person who is beautiful, intelligent, funny, smart, stubborn, weird, cool, nice and grateful towards her friends. She is a bit awkward, but once you get to know her, she will be a invaluable companion in your life. She loves video games and especially Zelda, which is what she grew up with. You will know it if you know a Line, especially if you're a mature and different guy. She will be the light of your life, and you should do all you can to take care of her. She is a beautiful human being, a flower that needs sun, and you should not let her go.
    Wow, I've never felt this way about a girl before. She is so amazingly unique and perfect. She must be a Line! You know Line? I love her so much, I must make sure to keep her close in my life. Oh man, I've never met a girl who loves video games this much and isn't a total nerd. She must be a Line!
  3. Designers create a [line] of cloths,funiture,skateboards,shoes
    You need to see the matchiepoo matchiepoo [line] of doggie and owner accessories
  4. A really sweet and she seems innocent and pure, but she can be a naughty little devil.
    Wow, that girl is so Line!
  5. A request for what to say, as if one were an actor in a play.
    Wife: Where the hell were you last night? Husband: Line.
  6. In racing/ freeride terminology, a "line" refers to the specific path or route one chooses to take within the course.
    "Dude that line you took was so sick, gaping that rock section and landing on the backside." "ya man, my lines are just so much better than yours"
  7. A rebuildable genesis atomiser made by Vanja in Croatia and used as a component in personal vapourisers, also known as electronic cigarettes. The Line has the potential to give the user a pleasant vaping experience, however, it is often short lasting. The user then has to fiddle for numerous minutes in order to have the device function once more. A Line user often has to quit his job in order to have the appropriate time to tinker with the the Line. The Line often results in excessive frustration and hair loss.
    That guy is bald and angry with no social life, he must vape a Line.