• US /laɪk/
  • UK /laɪk/
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  • v. 想; 喜歡;
  • prep. (用於對話中表示停頓或強調形容詞); 像是; 諸如;
  • adj. 相像的; 類似的;
  • adv. 例如:;
  • I’d like to visit your country someday
  • I like the music very much and want to dance
  • She was, like, so angry!!! And I was, like, so calm
  • Even though the car was old, it ran like new
  • I love flowers like roses and tulips
  • This house is just like my friend's house
  • The movie is just like the book, but shorter
  • Fruits like bananas and apples make a wonderful dessert
  1. (Orig. to enjoy or a word to compare two things.) 1. A term used by many junior high and high school students for having a crush. 2.(v.) same as "said" or "spoke" 3.In some teenage girls, a word spoken in between each word in a sentence.
    1.Hey Jane, I heard that John likes you. Yeah, he really wants you. 2.". . .and so Strongbad was like, 'And the dragon comes in the NIIIIIIIIIGGGGHHT!'" 3. "Yeah, like, i think, like, N Sync is, like, sooooooo, like, cool and, like, dreamy."-some girl
  2. A meaningless word used in teen-age American speech which may indicate, among other things a gap in thinking or brain functioning; a contemporary equivalent of "uh" or "um".
    "He was like, about the same age as me, but like, I wasn't sure what he, like, wanted to do with me."
  3. 1a. Similar to. 1b. In the manner of. 2. Approximately. 3. Used with the verb "to be" in dialogue attribution (quotes). 4. Used to express: (a) an unspoken thought or (b) an emotional reaction, especially when (c) exaggerating. 5. A filler word, interchangeable with "uh."
    1a. My heart is like a singing bird. 1b. She sat like patience on a monument, / Smiling at grief. 2. There were, like, forty people in the theater. 3. He was, like, "Where are you going?" 4a. I was, like, What's wrong with you? 4b. I was, like, NO DAMMIT!!! 4c. I was, like, crying -- well, I mean, I wasn't crying, but I was so upset. 5. A covalent bond is, like, when the atoms share electrons, right?
  4. Every third word used in the LA and Orange County areas of Southern California.
    Like what time is it? Like I have no clue. Like then I was like this and then I was like that and then I was like why are you looking at me like that and then she was like... Like, [OMG] what are you doing? Like, [wtf] language is that that they speak. Like, can you like answer like that like question?
  5. 1. A word implying similarity between two things. 2. A level of romantic interest that is not as high as love, yet not exclusive to sex. 3. An idiot teenager conversation spacer that is virtually meaningless.
    1. Apples are like bananas, in that they are both fruits. 2. John is in like with Dave, because they are both fruits. 3. "So, like, I was like, 'Why don't we like do something?' <insipid high pitched giggle>" - Teenaged Girl with IQ 75
  6. In the [UK] we call this a comma. Used mostly to introduce a qoute, it is also used randomly by irritating teenagers and people who dropped out of [school] or have never read a [book] above the literary standard of Guns 'n' Ammo. It can be exchanged with a number of other phrases, including [I was all].
    1. To introduce a quote: So I was like, "duuuude" and he was all "baaaabe". 2. Randomly: Like, oh my God, that is, like, so wrong.
  7. A word used mostly by preps after every other word for no reason at all
    Becky-" i like, think we should, like go to, like the mall because my dad is, like so rich!" Tara-"Like, that sounds, like so totally, like awesome!" (flips hair)
  8. A word used as filler. It has become such a meme in the English language that I am seriously pondering smashing my pinky with a rock every time I use it. Even highly educated people use it in this manner.
    So like we can use this equation to compute like a minimum fuel consumption trajectory to another planet. This is called like a Hohmann transfer orbit.
  9. a. A nebulously-defined social connotation often referring to an appreciation of someone of the opposite gender accompanied by a desire or supposition of a desire for the relationship to progress beyond platonic friendship.
    "Hey man, do you like Rachael?"
  10. Used by stupid girls like P. Hilton to show how cool and modern they are. But actually it just emphasizes their low IQs, and how retardic they are.
    Paris: "Omg I'm like the most popular girl ever!" Nicky: "Like wow!" Paris: "Ya I know. I'm like so cool. Just look at me!" Nicky: *sighs* "We rock!!" Paris: "Like im more popular than the queen!!!" Nicky: "You're more popular than me! I'm just the younger
    sister who's like less cool than you!" Paris: "I know! Doh!! If it werent for ME, you'd be a
    nobody. Like I'm so amazing." Nicky: "Like omg yeah!'