• US /laɪt/
  • UK /laɪt/
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  • v. 點燃; 用燈光指引;
  • adj. 亮的; 光,亮,薄,亮; 輕的;
  • n. 光線明亮; 眾所皆知;
  • adv. 輕裝地;
  • You can’t light that wood, it’s wet
  • Please light my way to the car, it’s too dark
  • The light room was perfect for making art
  • The flowers were a light blue, so pale that they looked white
  • The new baby is very light, when he grows he will be heavier
  • This light is a gift from my mother
  • I like a bit of light reading before falling asleep
  • Travel as light as you can, you will have to carry your own bags
  1. An incredibly talented singer/songwriter from Timmins, Ontario. LIGHTS Poxleitner was recognized for rad her synth- pop skills with a Juno award for the song Drive My Soul. Also known for her artistic abilities (especially drawing comics), LIGHTS does all of the artwork for her albums. Sometimes referred to as the female equivalent of Owl City, this talented young woman's success was launched on MySpace. Common hobbies include: playing WoW, hanging out with her tarantula Lance, making vlogs, and being made of awesome.
    girl 1: I just went to the LIGHTS concert - she sounds amazing live! girl 2: epiq, in fact.
  2. Really bright stuff.
    "Shit, look at all that whiteness" "Yep, that's light" "Wow"
  3. Not difficult, facile
    That math test was mad light.
  4. Light can be used to describe many things, like a person's personality, overall goodness, or as a state of mind. Light is what exists, what will exist and what always has existed, and nothing can change that no mater how hard someone tries. People can try to remove the light from their being, but none can trully do it. No matter how dark a person's outwardly appearence, the light will always be there deep within that persons very soul. Shrouded be darkness, it will still shine bright, waiting for it's time to rise again. For the truth is that darkness cannot exist without light. They are like two sides of a coin, coexisting with one another. Sure one side may overpower the other at times, but that side cannot be completely consumed. So can be said for the human heart... no matter how much a person grieves and hurts, and no matter how empty that persons life feels, the light will still remain, deep within that persons heart as hope, and will wait in patience until it is called uppon to return to the surface.
    When the light returns, all of those feelings of pain and anguish will be replaced with feelings of joy and remorse. That persons life will once again be filled with the happiness he felt long ago.
  5. Lights - A scene chick people like cuz shes hot but also talented. Electro-Pop Music.
    Damn Lights - that salad tosser got spiderman & strawberry shortcaked last night!
  6. There are five kinds of lights, according to hip-hop artist [Kanye West]. They are: cop lights, flash lights, spot lights, strobe lights, and street lights.
    Person 1: I need y'all to see this...can you turn on all of the lights? Person 2: Almost. Unfortunately, I forgot my spot lights.
  7. easy; short for "light-work"
    evan: how was the history test? mike: it was light
  8. Consists of photons, quanta of electromagnetic field
    Green light has a wavelength around 500nm
  9. an object that produces a flame for igniting something.
    Pass me the light and a cigarette.
  10. To blow up violently, usually through shooting.
    Light his ass up. We're going to drive by and light your front door up.