IPA [ˈlɛftˌovɚ] KK [ˋleft͵ovɚ]





He can eat my leftover.

Consumers say organic laundry soap makes clothes seem cleaner and softer, without leftover residues.

Joey: (picking up a leftover part) What's this?

Students emptied their piggy banks, rummaged pockets, scrounged behind cushions and pitched in leftover lunch money.

Glue leftover cards, double sided tape or rubber cement and hang as holiday artwork.

進化論 Vs. 上帝 (Evolution Vs. God)

進化論 Vs. 上帝 (Evolution Vs. God) Image 38:27
  1. that is, it's an evolutionary leftover

  2. it's a 'leftover' part from human evolution,

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【TED】Bill Gates 比爾蓋茲談能源:至零方休的革新! (Bill Gates 比爾蓋茲談能源:至零方休的革新!)

【TED】Bill Gates 比爾蓋茲談能源:至零方休的革新! (Bill Gates 比爾蓋茲談能源:至零方休的革新!) Image 27:50
  1. all the leftover waste from today's reactors.

    想想來自今天核電廠全部的廢料。 all the leftover waste from today's reactors.
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【超感人】你收過 $100 美金小費嗎?(Tipping Fast Food Workers $100)

【超感人】你收過 $100 美金小費嗎?(Tipping Fast Food Workers $100) Image 04:32
  1. see the thing is we have it leftover from a event. we're supposed to donate to charity,

  2. it's leftover money from a project. - are you sure?

    -這錢是一個專案活動剩下來的 - 你確定可以收嗎?
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  1. Sex with some one who just had sex with someone else not too long ago.
    Tim loves other people's left overs. He prefers jiz still inside.
  2. The dried excrement left on the penis and outside of the vagina after sex.
    (Two guys talking on the phone together) guy1 - "Dude I took that chick home last night man." guy 2 - "Really man awesome how was it? guy1 - "Pretty good man but I had to shower like three times this morning I had some serious leftovers attached to me."
  3. Someone who gets the rest of a guy after someone else has finished. Usually done by ugly people who can't find their own partners.
    Sarah was rejected by every guy that her prettier friend had so she decided to go after the one ugly one and get her "leftovers".
  4. People that are not very intelligent. They tend toward menial jobs that require little or no thought. People with low ambition that are a drain on society. [Loser]
    I had a run in with the left over at grocery store today. I asked him where the cucumbers were and he pointed me to the squash.
  5. 1. Alternate word for Hoe or Thot 2. A Skank 3. Woman or man that fucks anything with two legs
    1. Cheryl cheated on me, now she's a LeftOver. 2. We went to a party and Jhon smashed a stranger he's a LeftOver. 3. This girl has been ran through a lot she's a LeftOver.
  6. n. A term to describe a [bowel movement], [excrement], [feces], [poo], [dump], etc...
    "there are some leftovers in the toilet, someone should flush it down!" "Chinese and Taco Bell leftovers are always the worst!" "uh-oh, there's some leftovers in my undies..."
  7. The ugly friend of the hot girl. The one 97 percent of dudes wouldnt even consider hooking up with, but, 2 percent are glad any female with a twat between her legs will even look at them so they abide. The 2 percent who would either don't admit to sleeping with her or are butt ugly dudes rejected by the hot one first.
    D: Damn, I wanted to go to Prom with Amy and she rejected me BUT her ugly friend wants me. Why am i always stuck with the leftovers? Bob: Cause you're destined to having the leftovers, you should have never tried to get with the hot one anyway, dude, look at you.
  8. That one person in class who never has a partner and therefore is either tacked on to another group of two or is left to work by themselves. This can also be a result of the class having an uneven amount of students.
    Being a leftover makes you feel [lonely] T.T
  9. 1. When you're at a bar talking to a chick and her ugly friend creeps in to talk to you...that when you got leftovers. 2. Girls you don't want to hook up with tonight, but if you're too lazy to go out tomorrow, you might eat 'em up.
    Man I'm not craving that meat tonight, call me up tomorrow when you got left overs.
  10. When a woman is giving a man head and he hits the punching bag in the back of her throat with his penis making her vomit. before the vomit can come out he quickly rams his penis down her throat making her eat her own vomit, therefore feeding her leftovers.
    John made Jen eat her Leftovers last night.