• US /lɛft/
  • UK /left/
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  • v. 啟程;前往; 死後留下; 使保持(某狀態); 沒有吃完(或用完); 遺留;
  • n. 左方的; 左 ; 左邊;
  • adj. 左邊的;
  • His family left for Canada yesterday
  • Her father left the house to her when he passed away
  • The dog ran out because she left the gate open
  • Rina left the third bedroom unfurnished for future use
  • Who left their bags here? Do you know?
  • If I face North, my left side is to the West
  • The left side of your body has your heart

【TED】比爾蓋茲談能源 : 至零方休的革新 ! (Innovating to zero! | Bill Gates)

【TED】比爾蓋茲談能源 : 至零方休的革新 ! (Innovating to zero! | Bill Gates) Image 29:33
  1. so, you've got a thing on the left, co2, that you want to get to zero,

  2. i've left out tide, geothermal, fusion, biofuels.

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  1. The hand that never gets laid.
    I'm ambidexterous, so I let lefty whack it for a change. He hardly ever gets laid.
  2. <--- that way. it's that simple, folks.
    why do you want to look 'left' up in the first place? '[tard].
  3. the opposite of right
  4. Term meaning "to be killed." If a person is killed, they got left
    Yo that motherfucker got left If you caught a felony, you caught a f If you got killed, you got left -Big L ebonics
  5. adj. not right adj. wrong, according to the [bfg] n. side that leans towards liberalism n. side of the brain that deals with logic and analytical reasoning n. the hand that will reach out of your monitor and smack you upside your thick skull for looking this up
    people who look up left in dictionaries need to find a better way to spend their time, as do i for even bothering to make a fucking definition for left. wow i'm really don't want to do this fucking discrete math homework--my left brain is fucked up.
  6. Not right and not taken.
    There is only one left-handed person left
  7. Left is the opposite of right.
    Left must be wrong, right?
  8. To depart.
    I left Illinois to go to Hawaii for good.
  9. adj.to be left is essentially to be unique. everyone in the world is always saying they are doing the right thing but usually they are not. so BE LEFT, be unique, be yourself, be different. left=positive right=negative. left is the escape to a right world. left is the way to peace.
    Smokey: "That guy in the chicken suit is so unique!" Dragon: "Ya i know! He is so left!
  10. A "lefts", also referred to as a "left" is any kind of lie, fib, deception, exaggeration, or falsification that is used with the intention of gaining social status or impressing people. LEFTS are broken up into the five kinds of lies and deceptions: Ladder Lie (LL) - The type of lie that comes in the form of a statement that may or may not be true, that serves as a sort of test. If the listener challenges the statement, then it is retracted, and the leftist comes down the ladder. This is usually followed by statements that attempt to excuse the previous statement, such as "Oh, I didn't understand what you meant," or "We must be talking about different things." Extreme Exaggeration (EE) - Statements (often segments of SS's) that are so far over the top no one could possibly believe them. Usually they come in the form of stories that take place in far away lands, or with "friends" (see FF), that just seem too much to be true. There is usually a truth somewhere in the depths of an EE, but good luck trying to find it. Fictious Friend (FF) - Friends that no one has ever seen or met, but definitely heard about. They often seem so amazing that the listener would probably envy the leftist for knowing them, if they actually existed. Usually they don't live anywhere in the immediate area, and never come to any events or social gatherings, although they may the leftists pen-pal or be active on the internet. Well contrived FF's have names, ages, back stories, etc, but sometimes they are merely anonymous persons. When the leftist is questioned about these "friends", like for example about their name, they often respond with bumbled speech or the first name that comes to mind. Sometimes leftists even go as far to restate the name and information of someone the listener already knows, as to make themselves seem as they know this friend who does actually exist. Twisted Truth (TT) - A half-truth told to deminish to negative effects on the leftist of telling the whole truth. These are frequently used when the listener couldn't possibly know the whole truth, and therefore the leftist has a low risk of being caught in their lie. However, the listener may find out they were in fact told a TT later on, from friends or circumstances in which the truth is revealed. Stretched Story (SS) - Stories that are one EE after another, which stray so far from the truth that they become questionable. Well told SS' tend to glorify the leftist in almost movie like illustriousness. These stories have the ability to go on forever with infinite detail and amazing drama until challenged, at which point parts of the story may be retracted or "forgotten." SS' are special because they are somewhat the synthesis of all other parts if leftism; containing EE's linked with LL's, being played out by FF's, with all negative parts of the story being glossed over in the form of a TT. see also [throwing lefts] ; [leftist] ; [leftism]
    "Dude, that was such a left, don't believe it" "I can't hang out with him anymore, he throws lefts at me all the time" "How could believe anything she tells you? Everyone knows she's a leftist"