• US /ˈlæftɚ, ˈlɑf-/
  • UK /ˈlɑ:ftə(r)/
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  • n. 笑;笑聲;
  • Some say that laughter is the best medicine
  1. when a smile has an orgasm.
    the group broke out into laughter when they orgasmed?
  2. Medicine for the soul
    "I have bowel cancer" Laughter fills the hospital
  3. Something induced by the little lol demons within the body.
    Yo this girl named Vanessa Romano knows how to cause laughter!
  4. The distinct sound of JOY in the air; POSITIVE reaction to any situation; the sound that eminates from within when you are HAPPY!
    Everyone cheered when the sound of LAUGHTER eminated from his backside...LOL
  5. having a good time with a lot of laughing involved.
    q: how was last night? a: laughters...
  6. 1.the process of laughing; also see giggle and laugh.
    The laughter grew as jimmy was pantsed