IPA [ˈlæfɪŋ] KK [ˋlæfɪŋ]
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v.笑( laugh的現在分詞 );發笑;嘲笑;(特別表示因成功而)處於有利地位;


Happy laughing: We don't have too much communication of language but happy laughing.

She burst out laughing; she couldn't help it / herself , ie could not stop herself.
她突然大笑起來, 無法剋制自己.

Your lateness is no laughing matter.

An elderly, wrapped in a cow's hide, appears and, laughing, to the nunnery high above us.
一位裹著牛皮年長的牧人出現了, 他笑著指著在我們上方遠處的尼姑庵.

He went diligently about, laughing at the town, individually and in mass.
他不辭辛勞地到處亂跑; 取笑鎮子上的人, 有時候是一個個地挖苦,有時候又放在一起嘲笑.

【TED】聆聽羞辱感 (Listening to shame | Brené Brown)

【TED】聆聽羞辱感 (Listening to shame | Brené Brown) Image 20:39
  1. pointing and laughing,

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BBC - 我與我的自閉症 (My Autism and Me)

BBC - 我與我的自閉症 (My Autism and Me) Image 14:22
  1. and sometimes it's a bad thing because all the other kids are laughing when i'm just crying and screaming at things that they're not.

  2. he can sense the doors being open (laughing)

    他能查覺門被打開了 (笑)
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Zeitgeist 2011: Year In Review 看

Zeitgeist 2011: Year In Review 看 Image 02:52
  1. so now technically your device is on. [laughing] can you tell?

    現在開關應該打開了 [笑聲] 你有聽到嗎?
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人生Life In A Day

人生Life In A Day Image 01:34:57
  1. [woman laughing]

  2. [man laughing]

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  1. when a smile has an orgasm.
    the girl told a joke and everyone starting laughing
  2. Used to describe how you feel inside when you find yourself in a pleasing set of circumstances, or at least in comparison to a worse outcome that also might have occurred. It does not suggest glee at another's misfortunes but rather highlights one's own fortunate situation.
    eg. 1: The forecast predicted rain for our camping trip, but the weather turned out to be so gorgeous we were laughing. eg. 2: While waiting at emergency, I was upset over my ankle injury. But then when I saw the paramedics bring in a 7-year-old girl covered all over with first-degree burns, I realized I should be laughing.
  3. The reason why u pee your pants
    We were taking random selfies that's one came out so wrong we started laughing