• US /læk/
  • UK /læk/
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  • v. 不足 ; 缺乏 ; 無... ; 缺少... ; 短 ; 缺 ; 缺少 ; 少;
  • n. 缺乏; 短缺;
  • We lack the necessary skills to repair this TV, let’s take it to the store
  • There is a lack of money for small scale business owners
  • The lack of English-speaking workers is a problem
  1. "Lack" Waterford, Ireland Slang for Girlfriend.
    Went out with the Lack last night, Then gave her a seeing to afterwards!
  2. reffering to the vehicle known as the Caddilac.
    "Damn that lack is pimpin on dem dubs"
  3. v. the absense of an object or ability
    "this chick looks good as hell but she lacks a nice ass" "he's tryna play me in a one on one but lacks basketball skills"
  4. A big strip of fat across one's face
    "Omg that part of your face is fat! You have a serious lack"