• US /d'ʒɒbz/
  • UK /d'ʒɒbz/
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  • noun pl. 就業;
  • Their parents needed three different jobs just to support the family

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  1. should enhance the world. not only in my clients and customers; but it should provide jobs

    應加強世界。不僅在我的客戶 和客戶;但它應該提供就業崗位
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【Pewdiepie】我成名以前 (BEFORE I WAS "FAMOUS")

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  1. yeah, like you had all prestigious jobs

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我們一起走過的曾經─歐巴馬總統的競選形象影片 The Road We've Traveled - Obama

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  1. people are going to lose their jobs.tim geithner, the incoming treasury secretary

  2. country had been hemorrhaging jobs more than 3.5 million lost in the six months before

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看看歐巴馬的信念是什麼?2012全美人民代表大會影片! President Barack Obama - 2012 Democratic National Convention Video Image 07:16
  1. they're middle class jobs. people can raise a family on a decent wage.

  2. we've gone from an economy that was shedding jobs to one that's consistently creating jobs

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  1. Means by which at least 30% of your life is stolen from you to enrich the owners of a company making useless [shit] that some other poor idiot in a job will buy.
  2. Something that's impossible to find because everyone wants to only hire experienced people even though you can't get experience if no one will hire you, and they're too damned lazy to train you.
    Finding a job is such a pain.
  3. A futile effort for financial independence, social acceptance and personal happiness.
    My job allows me to pay endless bills, envy my friends and witness my family fall apart
  4. Just Over Broke
  5. A means by which you have to do a series of repetitive, menial, and sometimes dangerous tasks just to earn an amount of [money] that is not even enough to pay for rent and bills. 15-30 percent of the money is "collected" by the [government], depending on the state, corporation, and country where the work is done. Usually the work is accompanied by a self-centered, non-reasoning, short-term-profit oriented [dogfucker] called a [boss] who gets [sadis]tical pleasure from yelling at and even firing the subordinates. Although it is stated that college students get better paying jobs, that is usually by pure luck, regardless of the number of "connections"
    Most college students, however, end up finding jobs at pizza parlors, janitorial services, garbage-collections, burger/taco/deli restaurants, produce-picking at farms, and baggers/stockers at supermarkets.
  6. a thing that takes up much of our lives and sends a message to everyone that life sucks.
    1.) My job sucks. 2.) I hate my job, however i need the money, so i guess ill go for the rest of my life.
  7. A place that I bust my ass to get to, then all day I put up with a bunch of gossiping no-lives who have nothing better to do with their time, and then i come home feeling dirty, tired, and sorry that i don't have an endless supply of money that comes from a void in space.
    "My job sucks the BIG one!"
  8. Something you can't find in America anymore because employers nowadays have set the bar of qualifications way to high. They only want "experienced" people, even for crappy jobs like bagging groceries or taking your food order. The irony is that you cant gain any experience by not doing these things first. Im sorry but how does one need experience to bag groceries or work at McDonalds? It used to be that if you had a four-year degree (or even a 2-year degree) from a half-recognized university or college, you could get a really good job and eventually have a promotion and have a really good future. But those days are over. Today they only want people who have internships, Masters Degrees, PHd's and some kind of public involvement for a job thats not much better than average and pays no more than average. No employer will hire you anymore for even a computer position if you have anything less than a Masters degree, even if you are really knowledgable at computers. Employers nowadays also only want minorities to work for them, thanks to affirmative action in the name ofdiversity”, so white people will finally be oppressed. My sister applied only as a Office Assistant (the keyword is Assistant) at a small-to-medium sized company, but they wouldnt hire her because she didnt have any professional experience and wasntqualified”—-setting aside the fact that she is very good with computers and office stuff. What they really meant is that she wastoo whiteto have the job and had to hire a minority who is less qualified or a high-tech professional from India to fit their minority quota. And companies of today wonder why they cant find good people? Thank the liberals and theirdiversityilk that emphasizes political correct BS, that has ruined the middle-class. Companies of today put their focus and energy on bogus criteria like a high GPA (even though a high GPA doesnt constitute being smart) rather than the persons potential, or what they have to offer, or what they have overcome in this life. What if a person with a 3.5 GPA cheated their way thru college rather than someone who got a 3.0 and worked for it and overcame a lot of obstacles?? Employers of today dont care because they are superficial bastards who only focus on meaningless crap. Like I said, they wonder why they cant find quality people anymore. In that case, I will NEVER have a job because I had a low GPA in college, no internships, no professional experience, no technical know-how, not many useful job skills, was never publicly involved in anything, and am notoriously lazyand dont care. But when you finally manage to find a good job, its something you must have to work for a schmuck you hate, to earn money to buy things to impress people you hate even more, so a crook can eventually rob you. Its all futile, and a complete waste of time!!
    Having a job is actually the biggest fraud on the face of planet earth.
  9. The act of volunteering to be abuse on a daily basis for barely enough money to pay your rent
    Spending four years in college to earn a degree in order to Retrieve coffee for the boss while being told working 40 hours a week is not adequate job commitment so no raise for another year.
  10. Working to make a living. Something that most people on the internet do not have.