IPA [ɪz] KK [ɪz]
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vt.& vi.是(be的三單形式;



Test of some different implementations of IS-IS protocol is accomplished. An example is given.

Within each RA, there is some level 1 IS also operate as level 2 IS.

"IS-IS is a routing algorithm used by the ISO protocol stack."

IS-LM analysis is is a major tool of Keynesian theory.

The gtt feature is used with IS-41 Revisions B and beyond.
gtt 特性同 IS-41 Revision B 及以上共同使用。

  1. IS is IS. "Is meaning equal" is tautology. Is is simply is.
    Is IS is? Yes, is is is.
  2. In slang, "is" is used to replace "are"
    What is you doing?
  3. A word that, despite being among the most common in the language, not everyone is sure of the meaning of.
    It depends on what your definition of the word is is.
  4. 3rd person singular of "to be"
    He is confused on how to define "is".
  5. A word whose very meaning was questioned by former president Bill Clinton while he was on trial.
    "That depends on what the definition of 'is' is"
  6. A perfectly acceptable beginning to a Facebook status update, no matter how grammatically incorrect. Most notably when a person has bad taste in music and uses song lyrics for status updates.
    "Matt Anderson is How the hell we'd wind up like this? Why weren't we able? To see the signs that we missed And try an' turn the tables?"
  7. Used in the third person, associated with living and being in the now, forgetting the past, disregarding the future, being happy, being content and giving gratitude for everything at this moment.
    Keith: "Man, this is living the life... this festival is awesome" Paul: "Johanna is!"
  8. Conjunction of I and was for I was.
    I's about to do that, but he beat me to it.
  9. Slang term of I'm or I am. Litteral meaning: I is...
    TJ: "???" Mike: "I's so happy! My bro just got Halo 2!"
  10. What rappers have influenced upon today's society, making children of this generation think it's grammically correct to use "is" in place of "are".
    part of a chorus from a rap song: "Damn Girl How'd you get all that IS you talkin to me? Yeah you" some random guy trying to act tough: "who the hell IS you?"