• US /ˈɪnˌvɔɪs/
  • UK /ˈɪnvɔɪs/
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  • n. 發票;
  • v. 開發票;
  • The company gave an invoice to the customer
  • You should invoice your client before getting paid

【商用英文】全球運輸 (Business English: Global Shipping)

【商用英文】全球運輸 (Business English: Global Shipping) Image 02:39
  1. awesome! you're going to need a commercial invoice also.

  2. okay, so i have the notification of shipping to send to the buyer and a commercial invoice.

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《哈 臺南》第十集:安平古堡 (Hot Tainan EP10. Anping Fort)

《哈 臺南》第十集:安平古堡 (Hot Tainan EP10. Anping Fort) Image 06:58
  1. depending dutch invoice surrendering is also on display given us a visual

    The painting “Dutch Envoy Surrendering” 還有「荷蘭專使息戰圖」
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  1. An offical document detailing payments made, received or owed.
    Once I bought the lcd monitor ebay emailed me the invoice shortly thereafter.