In that day and age it was invincible. And the idea is just as invincible today.

They are invincible in battle.

History shows that there are no invincible armies, and never have been.

Invincible status returns to normal after battle.

Liaoning person believes, the note that belongs to them is -- all-conquering, invincible.

marieforleo如何活在當下? (How To Live In The Moment)

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  1. is, then in a sense you become invincible. because there's nothing that you have to protect

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睡眠如何影響你的面容?How Does Sleep Affect Your Face?

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  1. i definitely feel less invincible like

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我們必須變老和死嗎? (Do We Have to Get Old and Die?)

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  1. make us invincible - in fact, the longer a creature lives, the more time it has to get

    使我們立於不敗之地- 事實上,生物活得愈久,牠就必須經歷更久的
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  1. Invincible is the state of being immune to taking any form of damage, you no longer feel pain from anything. Even if the painless state only lasts for a few moments, they would be rather intense and most likely void of all emotion.
    "It's pointless to continue fighting, he's invincible to your every attack."
  2. The Philadelphia Phillies 2011 starting rotation. Roy Halladay Cliff Lee Roy Oswalt Cole Hamels
    Last year the Phillies were tough enough with H2O, now they're just fuckin invincible!
  3. Unable to be defeated. A Hedley song. A very inspirational Hedley song.
    I'm gonna be [invincible]!
  4. see 'Arsenal FC'
    In the 2003-2004 season, the Arsenal played 38 games and lost none, utterly invincible