Methods Insomnia degree and reasons of 108 COPD patients suffering from insomnia in ICU were analyzed.

Dig also'insomnia ah does'insomnia do how hold?
挖也` ` 失眠啊` ` 失眠咋辦捏?

He still suffered from insomnia.

With the rapid tempo of morden life, more and more people endure the pain of insomnia.

It especially suits for those suffered from insomnia, neck stiffneck - vertebra and pregnant women.
對易失眠 、 易落枕、頸椎病患者及孕婦尤為適用.

睡眠如何影響你的面容?How Does Sleep Affect Your Face?

睡眠如何影響你的面容?How Does Sleep Affect Your Face? Image 03:00
  1. i just have really bad insomnia and i tend to overextend myself

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有關爬山的科學知識 (The Science Of Mountain Climbing!)

有關爬山的科學知識 (The Science Of Mountain Climbing!) Image 03:54
  1. in the study of over 14,000 feet (4267m). a lack of oxygen on a mountain can cause insomnia,

    14000 英呎 (4267 米) 會有缺氧,或腦部缺氧的情形發生。在山上缺氧會導致失眠、
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為什麼有時我會憂鬱、低落呢?THE SCIENCE OF DEPRESSION Image 02:49
  1. chronic fatigue, insomnia, over-sleeping and general aches and pain are just a few examples.

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May 14, 2015 - CNN Student News with subtitle

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  1. restlessness, anxiety, insomnia.

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愛睡覺的你絕不能錯過!睡眠的 14 種說法 (14 English expressions about SLEEP)

愛睡覺的你絕不能錯過!睡眠的 14 種說法 (14 English expressions about SLEEP) Image 13:32
  1. okay, our last two expressions for bad sleep is "insomnia" and "insomniac". "i have insomnia"

    最後兩個來形容睡不好的表達方式是:「insomnia 失眠」和「insomniac 失眠者」。像是「我會失眠」
  2. usually this means that if you have insomnia, maybe for two nights, you don't sleep at all.

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  1. The state of sleep loss. No matter how much you desire dreamland, it refuses you entry. You stand at the gates, whining, crying, but stuck in the world of buzzing activity.
    Person A: "I had a lovely night sleep. How 'bout you?" Person B: "I have insomnia. Go fuck yourself."
  2. Definition of! Inability to sleep, either difficulty getting to sleep, waking lots during the night or waking up too early in the morning. Insomnia comes in three different forms: Transient insomnia - lasting for a few nights Short-term insomnia - two to four weeks of poor sleep Chronic Insomnia - poor sleep that happens most nights and lasts for a month or longer. (hence me being here at 05:08 writing definitions) Can cause physical side-affects and is often caused by some underlying mental cause ...most commonly; depression. Insomnia Trivia: David Baddiel has terrible insomnia
    David Baddiel scetch: If you tell someone that you have insomnia, why do they always go..'oh really cos im always asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow'? Its not like if someone told you they were blind you'd go... 'oh really cos i can see perfectly...blimey is that the Pyrenees?' *HAHAHAHAH*
  3. the inability to sleep.. aka hell on earth
    my ass has had insomnia for almost 2 years.. i take mad pills, but they dont help, but u can sell amitryptlene so it works out =)
  4. when little demons keep poking your brain with little pokey things to make damn sure you cant sleep
    God damn INSOMNIA DEAMONS leave me ALONE!!!!!
  5. Stupid disorder that can't be controlled easily. You can't sleep, no matter how much you want it you can't get it, maybe a few hours.. but that's it. I have insomnia, I take tylenol pm or melatonin to get to sleep, rarely do they help and yet they are strong acting. In short, insomnia is a disorder in which one cannot find sleep.
    Bob: How did you sleep jim? I slept like a baby! Jim: I slept like an insomniac you fucking bastard!
  6. The worst thing...ever. I've had it my whole life. It's where you try to sleep but it just won't happen. You try counting backward you try EVERYTYING.. You just don't sleep. Hence, me sitting here at 2:00 am when I have to wake up in 4 hours.
    Elise:Hey Lauren, how was your night? Lauren:It sucked..I have insomnia so I couldn't sleep Elise:haha sucks for you Lauren:*Punches elise in the face*
  7. A disorder where you can't get sleep at all. I have it and have to take medicine for it (Clonodine) and without the medicine, I can't get any sleep. None. Notta. I've had it all my life.
    jim: how was your sleep? bob: i have insomnia.
  8. The disorder in which one falls asleep very late and awakens very early. Even though the person may desire sleep he or she is simply unable to find that sweet sweet state of dream-land until the wee (thats right, I said "wee") hours of the morning.
    Ive had insomnia for the past four years, I dont fall asleep until around 5:30 and I wake up at 7:15. Jackass: Man I slept so good last night after the concert, I was asleep as soon as I got in bed. Person with insomnia (me): I hate you more than life itself.
  9. Insomnia is a cruel joke. insomnia is a sleep disorder. even when you're dead tired, you cant sleep. i have insomnia. last night i got to sleep at 4:30. i have to wake up at 5:20. every day i drink enormous amounts off caffeine. i still walk around like a zombie.
    every morning in homeroom, this girl asks me how i slept, while telling me how she went right to sleep right away. idiot in homeroom: hey, how'd you sleep? i slept greeeat. me: i have insomnia. leave me alone.
  10. One of THE best Melodic Death groups ever. Formed in Finland, they are known for their passionate sound and excellent technical skill. Unfortunately, like so many other good bands you would be lucky to run into a person who has heard of them.
    My mom forced me to go to a Jonas Brother's concert. Luckily I played Insomnium on my [iPod] afterwards, thus saving me from total [ear rape].