IPA [ɪn'seɪnlɪ] KK [ɪnˋsenlɪ]
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My husband is insanely jealous.

He got insanely angry at being made a fool of.

He tried insanely to drown himself in a two-foot pool of water.

Emilie de Ravin: Yeah, I'm insanely excited.

Exactly 2008 performers flow through insanely difficult moves at top speed, with remarkable coordination.

台灣美味的街頭小吃 (Tasty Street Food in Taiwan)

台灣美味的街頭小吃 (Tasty Street Food in Taiwan) Image 07:55
  1. we need to put this in a video because it's insanely good.

    我們需要把它放在一個視頻中 因為它太瘋狂了。
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博物管員 (Ask Emily #6)

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可樂晃一晃,竟然瞬間變冰沙!? (Self Freezing Coca-Cola)

可樂晃一晃,竟然瞬間變冰沙!? (Self Freezing Coca-Cola) Image 03:18
  1. it is real, and in this project you'll discover the insanely easy secret to making an instant soda slushy.

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肉類值多少?(How much does meat actually cost?)

肉類值多少?(How much does meat actually cost?) Image 03:08
  1. and insanely low fees for grazing on public lands

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【新聞時事】十大令人興奮的科研成果 Image 10:35
  1. and insanely slippery coating that can have wide applications even outside the realm of

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  1. Meaning Awesome, Incredible, extraordinary, etc. Used in mostly the 70s and the 80s. Positive connotation. Used as an adverb modifying only adjectives. This word does not find its way in modern speak much anymore.
    Insanely Awesome! Insanely Fast!