IPA [ɪnˈsen] KK [ɪnˋsen]




The accused has been certified (as) insane/certified to be insane.

Another could make insane laughter bubble up from the ground.

Ernest: Perhaps it is we who are insane.

This is the insane doctrine of wealth through scarcity.

They have repressed their true nature a degree that many go insane or die of depression.

劉沛在日本抓乘龍 (HOW TO FIND EVERY LAPRAS IN JAPAN!!! (Japan Lapras Event))

劉沛在日本抓乘龍 (HOW TO FIND EVERY LAPRAS IN JAPAN!!! (Japan Lapras Event)) Image 02:49
  1. now, this lapras event is absolutely insane

  2. but this lapras event is insane

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【TED】茹比·韋克斯 (Ruby Wax):精神病有什麼好笑的? (What's so funny about mental illness? | Ruby Wax)

【TED】茹比·韋克斯 (Ruby Wax):精神病有什麼好笑的? (What's so funny about mental illness? | Ruby Wax) Image 08:45
  1. they're perfectly fine, they're more insane than the rest of us.

  2. over and over again that drives you insane, so,

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【TED】Robert Gupta: 音樂及醫療之間 (Robert Gupta: Between music and medicine)

【TED】Robert Gupta: 音樂及醫療之間 (Robert Gupta: Between music and medicine) Image 16:28
  1. and those labeled as criminally insane.

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【TED】艾倫‧狄波頓:一種更寬容,更溫和的成功哲學 (A kinder, gentler philosophy of success | Alain de Botton)

【TED】艾倫‧狄波頓:一種更寬容,更溫和的成功哲學 (A kinder, gentler philosophy of success | Alain de Botton) Image 16:52
  1. but i think it's insane to believe that we will ever

  2. insane idea, if you're a secularist person, like me.

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  1. Full of Insanity,Madness and briefing from a mental disorder or illness. To be honest it means [Crazy], [Mad] and the meaning belongs to the word [Insanity]
    ''Man that guy is insane!''
  2. The label given to people who open the door that sane people keep closed... the people who are consumed by the awareness of their existence, when everyone else is blind to their own... the people who can distinguish the reality of illusion from those who live the illusion of reality... etcetera
    Sane person: Hey, how are we feeling today? Insane person: To be honest, I don't know... to categorise the infinite complexity of the mind into a singular aural expression of how I feel leaves a lot to be desired... Sane person: I'm afraid I don't understand... Insane person: What's to understand? your mind has been saturated so much by society's ills that all you believe to be true is a lie. You are a slave to convention, and that is the reason you fail to understand the unconventional. Sane person: Remind me to boost your medication. Insane person: *sigh*
  3. another term for cool and crazy. someone that does something really cool and crazy is insane but in a good way. also something that u are unlikely to do urself.
    I cant believe u jumped off the roof of that two story building, it was insane
  4. Very,very, very talented.
    "Wow the drummer from that that band InEyesofRuin is insane!!!
  5. Someone who doesn't fit into society due to a mind that doesn't work normally. The only difference between an insane person and a genius is that while a genius does something to amaze people, an insane person inconveniences them.
    A guy who digs through people's trash and eats them. (Insane) A guy who digs through people's trash, glues it together and labels it art. (Genius)
  6. crazy, extreme, awesome, intense, kool with a k
    Did you see him rocking out on guitar? Man that was insane.
  7. in a state of mind that prevents normal perception, behavior, or social interaction; seriously mentally ill. Something everyone thinks they are while calling everyone basic, yet they're normal. A word people think is the same as [weird]
    Sheeple: You're just jealous because you're too basic and I'm insane rawr I'm a dinosaur. Non-Sheeple: -_- Normal but smart person: You seem mentally damaged, I think you are insane. Real Insane Person: I can assure you, I'm not insane.
  8. The state of suffering a severe mental disorder, typically in which the afflicted individual can no longer differentiate between reality and fantasy (psychosis).
    His later years were spent in an [insane] asylum.
  9. 1) When someone is mentally ill to the point of being unable to process something regularly. 2) A thing edgy 16 year old teenagers say they are in a poor attempt to be quirky.
    The mental hospital is full of insane people. I'm insane, I think about gore!
  10. Doing the same thing and expecting different results.
    What arc you, insane?