• US /ɪˌnɪʃəlaɪ'zeɪʃn/
  • UK /ɪˌnɪʃəlaɪ'zeɪʃn/
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  • n. 初始化;
  • The initialization process will start the day after tomorrow

網路的歷史 (History of the Internet)

6549 70 B1 中級 有中文字幕

世界.執行; - Mili (world.execute(me); - Mili)

797 8 B2 中高級 有中文字幕
  1. (NOUN): When you start writing someone's initials -most commonly your soon-to-be (hopefully) significant other- all over your personal property, and sometimes on others' personal property. Also, can be posted on social networking sites on your status (myspace, facebook, etc.) and make its way into the margin of your tests, quizzes, notes, worksheets, etc.
    "So, today I wrote your initials on the front of my science binder." "Oh no! You've reached initialization!"