• US /ˈɪndəstri/
  • UK /'ɪndəstrɪ/
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  • n. 行業; 工業;
  • I appreciate the industry he shows at work everyday
  • I have many long years of experience in the banking industry

臺北旅遊建議 (Taipei City Guide Travel Tips)

臺北旅遊建議 (Taipei City Guide  Travel Tips) Image 44:38
  1. was his business but apparently when that industry started to change and people weren't

    是他的生意,但顯然當 行業開始發生變化,人們並不
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外國人嘗試台灣食物 (Foods to Try in Taiwan )

外國人嘗試台灣食物 (Foods to Try in Taiwan ) Image 09:45
  1. sugarcane used to be a huge industry and export in taiwan

    甘蔗曾經是一個巨大的產業 並在台灣出口
  2. which was a huge industry here in taiwan for a very long time.

    這是一個巨大的產業 在台灣待了很長時間。
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我們一起走過的曾經─歐巴馬總統的競選形象影片 The Road We've Traveled - Obama

我們一起走過的曾經─歐巴馬總統的競選形象影片 The Road We've Traveled - Obama Image 16:57
  1. rahm emanuel: you had people telling you that the auto industry

  2. if the auto industry goes down, what happens to americas manufacturing base? what happens

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  1. The industry is really located any where in the world where their is an actually being,working within society.The industry is coherst with,as a statement any one: helping people eat(resturaunt industry) makeing people for people too listen too (the music industry) wrighting in ways that can be intitled for the whole world too read (the publish industry) helping people recieve mail (government industry/the logistic industry.)
    people that live in major citys or state,major states more generaly,may see the industry different,people that live in major city and states may be closer too celebritys but people who don't live in major city may see less celebritys...