IPA [ɪmˈplɪsɪt]




ImplicIt'social cognition on aggression was studied through the employment of Implicit Association Test (IAT) .

This paper analyzes the problems of implicit places and implicit transitions.

ImplicIt'sequence is an important format of implicit learning.

How to negotiate is implicit in the process of formulating a contract.

Feedback control method is used to solve implicit difference equation in this paper.

Hong Kong's Pro-Democracy Protests

Hong Kong's Pro-Democracy Protests Image 03:20
  1. but critics say the plan would screen out candidates who do not have beijings implicit blessing, ruling out genuine democracy for the forthcoming 2017 election.

    但批評人士說,該計劃將篩掉沒有北京背地支持的候選人 ,排除了即將來臨的2017大選實施真正民主的可能。
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【口說技巧】如何提高你的英語口語能力 (How to improve your English speaking skills (by yourself))

【口說技巧】如何提高你的英語口語能力 (How to improve your English speaking skills (by yourself)) Image 04:35
  1. a process called implicit learning. this is the process where the learning happens without

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名字如何影響人的行為 Image 03:08
  1. researchers called this effect of unconscious self-love implicit egotism. and it doesn't stop there.

  2. so when angela moves to los angeles or phillip buys a phillips television, there may be some implicit egotism involved.

    所以,當 Angela 搬到洛杉磯,或是 Philip 買了一台飛利浦電視,這其中都可能有「內隱的本位主義」牽涉其中。
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  1. 1. Suggested but not [directly] expressed, unspoken or covertly said 2. In mathematics (of a [function]): an expression in which the dependent variable and the one or more independent variables are not separated on opposite sides of an [equation] [i.e.] relation expressed [partly] itself through itself
    He didn't shout, he didn't threaten, but it was seems on implicit warning by him.