IPA [ˈɪdiəm] KK [ˋɪdɪəm]




Numeral idiom, as an important part of the idiom, is a special language phenomenon.

This idiom is now used to mean a lot of commotion over hearsay.

This story later condensed into the idiom a deer and call it a horse.

Unfortunately, the idiom is annoying and severely compromises user effectiveness.

This article will about some major methods of the translation of English idiom.

餐廳用餐的英文 (Basic English vocabulary for restaurants)

餐廳用餐的英文 (Basic English vocabulary for restaurants) Image 16:11
  1. nodding your head. it's an idiom for something to have first because "appetite" comes from

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【英語技巧】如何好好安慰朋友 (How to make someone feel better)

【英語技巧】如何好好安慰朋友 (How to make someone feel better) Image 13:00
  1. you could "be a shoulder to cry on", that's an idiom for somebody who just...

    你可以當他『 想哭泣時能夠依靠的肩膀 』,這是當某個人正好
  2. maybe there's light at the end of the tunnel. there's another idiom that maybe things will be better.

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【英語字彙】烹飪技巧:炒滷烤煮 (Cooking Vocabulary in English - chop, grill, saute, boil, slice...)

【英語字彙】烹飪技巧:炒滷烤煮 (Cooking Vocabulary in English - chop, grill, saute, boil, slice...) Image 07:46
  1. how are things? how are you?" just so you know. a good idiom to recognize.

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做單字的主人 How to MASTER your vocabulary

做單字的主人 How to MASTER your vocabulary Image 10:05
  1. its an english idiom for everything. myself or five other teachers god knows

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【商用英文】六個常用的商用用語! (Business English - 6 common idioms)

【商用英文】六個常用的商用用語! (Business English - 6 common idioms) Image 06:31
  1. in sales." so the idiom here is: "to face the facts".

  2. so, the idiom here is: "to head the team". you'll see... here we have "face", here we

    這個片語 "to head the team", 你們可以看到這裡有 face,這裡有
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  1. An expression that doesn't necessarily have a definition but more of an understanding behind it.
    He is still wet behind the ears-meaning: he is still new, inexperienced, and young. Keep tabs on him-meaning: watch him, follow him, etc.
  2. The thing that piss the english-learner off
    A: Look! It's raining cats and dogs B: WTF are you talking about?there is no cats and dogs.. A: oh..don't you know any idioms?
  3. (n.) a popular phrase, a parlance or locution. Not a noun, adjective or verb.
    Most definitions in this dictionary are really idioms, such as [fo shizzle my nizzle] and [shotgun wedding]