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  • adj. 亨特;
  • v. 獵殺; 至軌道;搜索;
  • The man hunted the deer for 2 days
  • Last time my father hunted for foxes in the forest, he came across a wild boar
  • I hunted for my key everywhere, but I didn't find it

關於你被奴化的故事.... (The Story of Your Enslavement)

關於你被奴化的故事.... (The Story of Your Enslavement) Image 13:10
  1. at first we mostly hunted and fished and ate off the land...

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  1. A way of telling someone that you're going to kill them next time you see them in a PVP game.
    Noob: "Lyke omgz i just took your kill!!1" Me: "You're hunted [nooblet]." Noob: "Lyke OMGZWTFNOOBWTFOMG plx no!"
  2. -verb (used with or without object) 1. to possess a hangover that has been caused by drinking excessive quantities of Canadian Hunter Whiskey. 2. when one has disagreeable physical symptoms, such as nausea and headache, that are the result of the over consumption of Canadian Hunter Whiskey.
    Q: "How were you feeling after all that delicious Canadian Hunter last night?" A: "I got hunted."