• US /hʌm/
  • UK /hʌm/
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  • v. 發出連續低沉的聲音; (快速地)移動; 發哼哼聲;
  • n. 連續低沉的聲音;
  • The bees hum as they fly above the field
  • The birds hum past the trees
  • I like to hum little songs once in a while
  • A low hum came from the table fan
  1. smells bad/ smells like something real bad when one of your sick little friends lets off a bad one or you just happen to be walking through a chemical waste depository
    Gay ass friend: *lets one rip* Dude: man, that hums like your mums cunt Smelly Hobo: hey guys Guy: dude, you hum
  2. Late 90's post-grunge space rock band that still has a dedicated cult following to this day. Their only big single was "Stars", off of the "You'd Prefer an Astronaut" LP. They made one last LP "Downward is Heavenward" in 2000 and split up.
    Hum Kid: Holy shit dude... You listen to HUM!?!
  3. Definition: In Laotian terms "Hum" means guys penis. Hum Yai = Big Penis, Hum Noy = Small Penis etc etc
    Girl: Hey guy, you got a big ass hum! Guy: Oh thanks, wanna suck my hum?
  4. Hip.Urban.Minority. A socially-conscious, sharply dressed, dark-skinned honey. Examples: Mos Def, Pharrell, ?uestlove, Kid Cudi...
    "I really dig Mos and Kweli's work together." "Word, they're both H.U.M.s"
  5. (verb) PE Boyz equivalent to calling someone, or occaisionally an event, 'a twat'. The word is used only in certain circles and many are oblivious when hummed. An individual may hum another should they deem a particular action or event warrants it. An person or event warranting a hum is said to be humworthy. An alternative to the traditional hum is that of 'Huh?.....mmm' Occasionally the word may be used in the adjective to described an often hummed individual or for an event that recieves many hums.
    The effort I have gone to to explain the word is humworthy. I should indeed recieve a hum. Huh?......mmm
  6. short for "how do you mean," often used in chat rooms or while instant messenging
    Phil: hum i've got aids?
  7. hums is a slang for marijuana.
    we puffin mad hums tonight