• US /ˈhʌvər/
  • UK /ˈhɒvə(r)/
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  • v. 盤旋; 徘迴;
  • The helicopters hover over the military base
  • Helicopters hover above to the army base

失散多年的会员 (The Long Lost Member)

2008 25 A2 初級 有中文字幕

Get started with SketchUp-入門1

Get started with SketchUp-入門1 Image 09:58
  1. hover your cursor over this corner of your model and roll the wheel forward. see how

    請試試將游標移至模型的這個角上 然後向前滾動滾輪
  2. now let's split this top surface with the line tool. before drawing the line, hover

    現在我們要運用線條工具分割這個頂部平面 繪製線條之前,請先將游標移至
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Getting started with SketchUp - Part 2 中文

Getting started with SketchUp - Part 2 中文 Image 08:12
  1. ridge. to do this simply hover, but don't click, on the mid-point here, telling sketchup

    做法很簡單,只要將游標移到中間點上 而不要按下去,SketchUp 就會知道
  2. use the line tool and start drawing a line from this edge. now hover over the roof edge

    運用線條工具從這條邊線開始繪製一條線 現在將游標停留在屋頂
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Getting started with SketchUp - Part 3 中文

Getting started with SketchUp - Part 3 中文 Image 14:48
  1. move tool. select the chair, then pick the move tool and hover the cursor around the

    請選取這張椅子,選擇移動工具 然後讓游標停留椅子上方
  2. different sides. hover over one of the red dots and a rotation gizmo appears. click on

    將游標停留在其中一個小紅點上 接著會出現一個轉盤
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神奇指甲變身術 DIY : Matte Nails using Steam

神奇指甲變身術 DIY : Matte Nails using Steam Image 01:43
  1. carefully hover the nails over the pot so that the nails can catch the steam

    小心的把指甲懸在鍋子中停留 這樣指甲可以接收到一些蒸氣
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邊緣人必聽!超爆笑臉書之歌!(Facebook Stalking Your More Successful Friends (Music Video))

邊緣人必聽!超爆笑臉書之歌!(Facebook Stalking Your More Successful Friends (Music Video)) Image 03:10
  1. you got 99 likes on a pic on throwback thursday of you doing hover hand with helen hunt.

    你上傳的一張舊照片得到了九十九個讚,上面還是你擺出紳士手勢和 Helen Hunt 的合照。
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人類歷史UFO飛碟幽浮:真相揭密 Image 09:25
  1. ok? yet they did hover or place themselves on earth

    是的- 他們曾經徘徊或者配置他們自己在地球上
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正面接招!惡毒留言放馬來! (Reading Mean Comments! (Dear Ryan))

正面接招!惡毒留言放馬來! (Reading Mean Comments! (Dear Ryan)) Image 07:44
  1. dear ryan: can you ride a hover board while carrying your friends?

    「Dear Ryan:你可以用懸浮滑板載著你的朋友嗎?」
  2. i can carry a friend. i'm pretty sure i can carry one person and get on a hover board,

15189 679 A2 初級 有中文字幕
  1. To piss all over the toilet seat. Women do this in order to make the toilet seat a disgusting mess, and secondly to encourage further hovering by subsequent users of the toilet.
    The toilet seat is a disgusting mess because the last five girls that used it all hovered.
  2. To wander or circle around a certain area while waiting for a person or event. This can be done on wheels or on foot, but is most popular with cars.
    We're still waiting for Rob to be ready, so we're gonna hover around for now.
  3. The act of placing your hand under a girl's panties and then purposely avoiding direct contact with her vagina. Hand may be cupped. Typically used by virgins scared to move forward. Although intended to cause arousal, actual result is the girl wondering just what you think you're doing.
    Yeah man, I was rounding third and headed for home when I decided to stop and just hover for a bit. Awwww, yeah, I got skillz.
  4. Hovering is the act of squatting like a helicopter over a dirty toilet seat in order to prevent from having to put your [bum] down.
    I had to take a crap in the Exxon's bathroom but had to hover because some dumb shit pissed all over the seat.
  5. To leave the ground via a jump or launch ramp.
    Lets go Hover in the snowboard park
  6. To pace about restlessly and hang around impatiently while waiting for someone to complete a task for you, often accompanied by repeatedly looking over the person's shoulder. Erroneously thought of by the waiter as helping to speed things up, hovering generally has the exact opposite effect, causing the laborer to feel harried and nervous at being constantly watched, and thus actually making him take even longer to complete the task because his uneasiness obliges him to work more carefully and deliberately, and to re-check more details of his work than he would if he was calm. Can also loosely refer to any form of fretting at or badgering someone, such as by phoning or e-mailing/IM-ing him repeatedly.
    Husband: Is the shop almost done fixing our car yet? Wife: Well, possibly, but I am not sure... they were still working on it when I stepped in, but they all appeared to be a bit stressed, so I didn't want to hover.