• US /ˈhʌvər/
  • UK /ˈhɒvə(r)/
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  • v. 盤旋; 徘迴;
  • The helicopters hover over the military base
  • Helicopters hover above to the army base

如何做一個雲端偵探 (How to be a cloud detective)

如何做一個雲端偵探 (How to be a cloud detective) Image 08:03
  1. altostratus and altocumulus clouds hover a bit lower, between 2,000 and 7,000 meters.

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如何使用Google Sheets (How To Use Google Sheets)

如何使用Google Sheets (How To Use Google Sheets) Image 07:34
  1. once selected, you can hover over the edge of the selection until you see the grab icon, click and drag to move yourselves around.

  2. when you scroll down, hover your mouse over the gray line at the bottom of the top left corner, sell and it'll turn blue, click on it and drag past the head of cell and release.

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自定義Chrome瀏覽器 (Customizing Chrome)

自定義Chrome瀏覽器 (Customizing Chrome) Image 04:12
  1. a shortcut for the website will appear to remove a shortcut, hover over its top right corner and click the dots, then click remove while we're on the new tab page.

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谷歌文檔。使用風格 (Google Docs: Working With Style(s))

谷歌文檔。使用風格 (Google Docs: Working With Style(s)) Image 03:45
  1. then, while the text is still selected, click the styles drop down, hover over, heading one and click update heading one to match.

  2. change the font size, go to the styles, drop down, hover over normal text and select update normal text to match.

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  1. To piss all over the toilet seat. Women do this in order to make the toilet seat a disgusting mess, and secondly to encourage further hovering by subsequent users of the toilet.
    The toilet seat is a disgusting mess because the last five girls that used it all hovered.
  2. To wander or circle around a certain area while waiting for a person or event. This can be done on wheels or on foot, but is most popular with cars.
    We're still waiting for Rob to be ready, so we're gonna hover around for now.
  3. The act of placing your hand under a girl's panties and then purposely avoiding direct contact with her vagina. Hand may be cupped. Typically used by virgins scared to move forward. Although intended to cause arousal, actual result is the girl wondering just what you think you're doing.
    Yeah man, I was rounding third and headed for home when I decided to stop and just hover for a bit. Awwww, yeah, I got skillz.
  4. Hovering is the act of squatting like a helicopter over a dirty toilet seat in order to prevent from having to put your [bum] down.
    I had to take a crap in the Exxon's bathroom but had to hover because some dumb shit pissed all over the seat.
  5. To leave the ground via a jump or launch ramp.
    Lets go Hover in the snowboard park
  6. To pace about restlessly and hang around impatiently while waiting for someone to complete a task for you, often accompanied by repeatedly looking over the person's shoulder. Erroneously thought of by the waiter as helping to speed things up, hovering generally has the exact opposite effect, causing the laborer to feel harried and nervous at being constantly watched, and thus actually making him take even longer to complete the task because his uneasiness obliges him to work more carefully and deliberately, and to re-check more details of his work than he would if he was calm. Can also loosely refer to any form of fretting at or badgering someone, such as by phoning or e-mailing/IM-ing him repeatedly.
    Husband: Is the shop almost done fixing our car yet? Wife: Well, possibly, but I am not sure... they were still working on it when I stepped in, but they all appeared to be a bit stressed, so I didn't want to hover.