IPA [ˈhɑstɪdʒ] KK [ˋhɑstɪdʒ]
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Terrorist will kill the hostage, while woman will keep the hostage forever.

An expensive brand name a hostage to honesty-a hostage that dies if customer trust is lost.

Or imagine a hostage situation: How do you prepare for negotiating with a terrorist a hostage?

Still no definite word on when released hostage Jill Carrol will head home.

The shrill voice of the police vehicle was behind them, bethought of hijacking the hostage.

神探夏洛克片段 ([BBC Sherlock Fanmade video] - The Best Man)

神探夏洛克片段 ([BBC Sherlock Fanmade video] - The Best Man) Image 02:03
  1. my hostage. (hostage! yes, that works!)

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超好奇!為什麼飛機上不能使用手機?(Why Can't You Use Phones on Planes?)

超好奇!為什麼飛機上不能使用手機?(Why Can't You Use Phones on Planes?) Image 03:05
  1. yeah! could i hold this plane hostage with my 3ds?

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【TED】2014年最激勵、最精彩演講回顧 Image 08:32
  1. so what i'm asking today is that you envision a world where men and women aren't held hostage to their pasts,

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  1. The sound a mobile phone makes while ringing when it has been set to vibrate. An unintentional side effect of not taking the phone out of silent mode, it's reminiscent of the "mmm-mmm-mmm" sound a bound and gagged hostage makes in a movie when trying to get attention from a rescue squad.
    Dude, your phone has been ringing nonstop - doing the hostage on the table while you were off dropping that deuce.
  2. When you hold a person, or item for ransom, or just for fun.
    Cop: Magic, we know you are in there, release the hostages. Magic: What hostages!?
  3. A restaurant hostess who is trapped at her podium by a dude who makes small talk while staring at her tits or trying to score.
    J$: the hostess is smokin. G: yeah man, every dude in here is trying to take her host-age.
  4. Mindless fools in Counter- Strike, usually scientists who run into walls and whisper so that the T's can hear them all the way across the map. Who certified these guys to be scientists? Usually refered to as "hosties"
    "Hostage Down"
  5. Women that are picked up for the purpose of sex, especially prostitutes.
    Let's get a couple hostages and bring them back to my place.