• US /ˈhɔrɚ, ˈhɑr-/
  • UK /ˈhɒrə(r)/
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  • n. 慘狀:驚駭:令人恐怖的事物;
  • She watched in horror as her child ran into the road

【電影特輯】歷年奧斯卡「最佳影片獎」整理與評論 OSCARS: All Best Picture Reviews

【電影特輯】歷年奧斯卡「最佳影片獎」整理與評論 OSCARS: All Best Picture Reviews Image 22:04
  1. by the final act, however, "black swan" transcends into a second-rate horror movie...

  2. it was the nonsense plot twists and the cheesy horror techniques that i didn't quite care for in an otherwise fantastic film. i thought it was “great,” though.

    是無厘頭的劇情轉折和俗氣的恐怖技術,我不太喜歡這部原本精彩的電影。不過我覺得它很 "棒"。
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十分鐘讀懂英文史 (The History of English in 10 Minutes)

十分鐘讀懂英文史 (The History of English in 10 Minutes) Image 11:05
  1. kicking off the teen horror film

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【TED-Ed】 In on a secret? That's dramatic irony - Christopher Warner

【TED-Ed】 In on a secret? That's dramatic irony - Christopher Warner Image 02:50
  1. what do horror movies and comedies have in common?

  2. how does it feel when, in a horror film, you know that the scary villain is hiding behind that door in the darkened room?

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[電玩PlayStation3 惡靈古堡6遊戲回顧]CGRundertow RESIDENT EVIL 6 for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review

[電玩PlayStation3 惡靈古堡6遊戲回顧]CGRundertow RESIDENT EVIL 6 for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review Image 03:27
  1. horror game or is it a fast paced action shooter? resident evil 6 tries to solve this by going

  2. some will love the multiple campaigns and the touches of survival horror added back

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  1. Catching your parents having sex.
    "Hmm hm hm hm hm, hey Ma, can you--OH MY GOD! MOM--DAD--DOING IT--MY EYES!!! THEY BURN!!! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!"
  2. Watching [Oprah] Winfrey's "Beloved".
    I felt horror when there was the scene showing fat Oprah taking a piss and the scene showing some little girl fucking an old man.
  3. A seting invoking fear, tension, or utter shock.
    Horror comes in many shapes and forms, horror lives everywhere.
  4. A film genre including subject matter meant to be terrifying and revolting yet, for some unexplainable reason, highly appealing to many moviegoers. There also exists a demographic of contrary thinkers:
    "Dude, I love Jackass 2. It's freakin' hilarious." "I know, man." "Why would anyone want to see the whole movie take place in a dark, damp room where all the crazy stunts are performed on people without their consent by a demented clown?" "I don't get those horror movies either, bro."
  5. (as in the) A state of anxiety and paranoia brought on by excessive drinking the night before. Usually follows the physical symptoms of a hangover.
    I went out three nights in a row and on the fourth night I didn't half have the horrors.
  6. Although in the south of Ireland it means to be utterly [fluthered], in Dublin to be 'in the horrors' means being in a shockingly bad mood.
    Micko was in the horrors this morning. Not surprising, I rode his mott last night.
  7. used to described being out of your head drunk. usually preceeded by the words "in the"
    fuckin hell, i drank two crates of guinness and a half bottle of whiskey last night! i was in the [horrors]!