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  • noun pl. 假日; 節日; 假期;
  • Children can't wait for their summer holidays
  • How many holidays in a year do you have?
  • Where do you like to spend your holidays?

【電影特輯】最受歡迎的聖誕節電影們! Most Popular Christmas Films Of All Time!

【電影特輯】最受歡迎的聖誕節電影們! Most Popular Christmas Films Of All Time! Image 08:52
  1. mackieflann adds: "an amazing film intertwining the frightful scenes of halloween with the joyful love of christmas. you could watch it three times in a row and still be entertained. perfect for the holidays and for the family. 10/10."

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Total Body Holiday Yoga Workout | The Yoga Solution With Tara Stiles

Total Body Holiday Yoga Workout | The Yoga Solution With Tara Stiles Image 10:23
  1. that you can do around the holidays to get your total body workout on. let's get started.

  2. holidays to keep yourself feeling fantastic. i'm tara stiles and i'll see you next on the

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45個關於美國總統的奇人異事 (45 Odd Facts About US Presidents)

45個關於美國總統的奇人異事 (45 Odd Facts About US Presidents) Image 06:49
  1. the holidays, his family did what people expected them to do: they ate it.

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節日的白宮(Holidays at the White House 2012)

節日的白宮(Holidays at the White House 2012) Image 02:36
  1. house over the holidays, because it's really --

    假期裡的房子,因為它真的 --
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樂高的故事 The LEGO® Story

樂高的故事 The LEGO® Story Image 17:10
  1. 'look at this. the wholesaler wants to put a lot of our toys into his store for the holidays

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Maggie boycotted the Valentine's Day

Maggie boycotted the Valentine's Day Image 00:49
  1. is the bully of holidays.

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最棒的iPhone & iPad遊戲 2012 The Best iPhone & iPad Games of 2012

最棒的iPhone & iPad遊戲 2012
The Best iPhone & iPad Games of 2012 Image 08:19
  1. so if you receive an itunes gift card over the holidays,

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法國巴黎聖母院 (◄ Notre Dame de Paris, Paris [HD] ►)

法國巴黎聖母院 (◄ Notre Dame de Paris, Paris [HD] ►) Image 10:25
  1. 13 tons. it is located in the south tower and it is rung for major holidays such as christmas,

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  1. 1. A certain period (usually a day) during the year which is commemorating a certain religious event ("Holy Day"). 2. British term for "[vacation]."
    - "Happy Holidays!" - "Yes, 'Holiday' is exactly the same thing as 'vacation,' you blithering twat. (Remind me never to speak to yanks again...)"
  2. A [politically correct] and [inclusive] term for Thanksgiving and Christmas encouraged by the [liberals].
    It'd be considered a borderline [hate crime] to have a "Christmas sale", nowadays the [PC] term is "Holiday sale"!
  3. a) a time of year when you're supposed to sit back and reflect and give thanks and shit like that but actually everyone just gets drunk and eats a lot and spends lots of money because our society advocates wasting insane amounts of dough to "celebrate" b) a really, really kick-ass song by green day. a dark political "anthem" that truly encompasses america's depressing military situation
    a) oh no another holiday is coming up which means that i'm gonna have to go waste more money on crap-ass presents and make sure we have plenty of gramps's old hangover remedy Can i get another amen There's a flag wrapped around a score of men A gag A plastic bag on a monument i beg to dream and differ from the hollow lies this is the dawning of the rest of our lives On holiday
  4. Something thats impossible to enjoy at my house because every holiday ( Especially independance day) My father drinks heavily, throws his old vietnam uniform on, grabs his m-14, and fires at my neighbor who just happens to be vietnamese while he shouts " we won the war you brown cocksuckers! Burn in hell you motherfuckers!" Not the best time of the year.
    my neighbor packs severe heat and i fear hes going to turn it on us someday soon.
  5. Painter's slang for an area accidentally left unpainted or inadequately covered.
    You left a couple of holidays on the living room ceiling.
  6. british/austrailian slang for "vacation".
    perhaps she went on holiday.
  7. An opportunity for [relatives] to come around and say stupid shit like: Why haven't you found a [wife] yet.
    "My favorite part about holidays his how being [single] is considered a [disease]."
  8. A word that half the bands ever have had in one of their song names
    Holiday-Weezer Holiday-Green Day Holiday in the Sun-Sex Pistols Holiday-Unwritten Law etc
  9. A sad excuse to force all of your family members all under one roof. None of these poor [miserable bastard] like seeing each other but they do it to, "Make mom happy." The [grim] reality of the holidays is that about two to three times a year, family members go through this sad [pathetic] song and dance only to go home and [talk shit] about each other behind their backs. Don't ever think your family is not like that, because they are. If no one ever talks shit about a fellow family member to you, it's because they're all talking shit about you.
    Ted: So Bill, what are you doing for the holidays? Bill: Telling my Dad to go fuck himself Ted:....well [Happy Holidays] to you too.... Bill: you can [go fuck yourself] too
  10. time away from work/ school wonderfulest part of the year.. especially when the holiday is for weeks/months