• US /hold/
  • UK /həʊld/
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  • v. 保留; 容納; 控制; 拘留; 舉行; 握 ; 擁有 ; 保持 ; 舉行 ; 扣留 ; 束縛 ; 心懷 ; 適用 ; 柄 ; 威力 ; 理解力 ; 牢獄 ; 要塞 ; 握著裝 ; 握住 ; 把握 ; 包容 ; 秉; 持有(某種特性); 相信;確信; 擁有; 等待; 使保持(某種狀態);
  • n. (輪船或飛機的)貨艙; (支配他人的)力量; 支撐點;
  • Can you hold my furniture until we finish moving in?
  • The bottle can hold one litre of drink
  • They have to try to hold the town against the attackers
  • This cage will hold 5 or 6 animals
  • We will hold the next meeting at our head office
  • Could you hold my coat for a minute while I go to the restroom?
  • Your words hold a very positive effect on me
  • She will hold a bad impression of him for the rest of her life
  • They hold two pieces of land near the lake
  • Can you please hold on for a minute while I connect you to Mary’s phone
  • She tried to hold back her son from running into the road
  • The hold of the ship was full of cars bound for sale in Europe
  • He definitely has a hold over his friend, who does anything for him
  • His fingers were trying to find a hold on the wall as he climbed
  1. to hold someone and never let them go
    he held me close
  2. v. to borrow, or receive [money]
    Ayo cuzz, lemme hold a 20.
  3. To possess drugs that yo' want to sell.
    "Know anyone 'holding' tonight?"
  4. How much alcohol/beer you can have before getting drunk
    "Yo man i can hold 7 beers before i get drunk
  5. v. to regard with inappropriately high esteem. Meant to conjure the image of the object's testicles being cradled by the subject, casting homoerotic aspersions on the latter.
    Man dude, you really hold Tony Romo.
  6. It comes from a TV show. You can search "Hold住姐" on youtube. It basically means "everything is under control"
    Boss: "The activity is totally a mess!" Employee: "I can hold it"