• US /hɚˈsɛlf/
  • UK /hɜ:ˈself/
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  • pron. 她自己;
  • Penny cleaned the kitchen by herself without any help


創業的十大誤區 Image 10:19
  1. if alice were a manager she would ask herself: what are my goals and which means do i need to reach them?

  2. what is she going to protect if she, herself, doesn’t know exactly what it’s going to look like?

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  1. 'A woman of consequence', apparently this has Scottish & English roots. Should be capitalized in this use. Sometimes used by opponents of Hillary Clinton to denigrate her positions, feeling that her imperious air deserves to be pointed out.
    'Herself said today that she was not aware who started the rumors about Senator Barack Hussein Obama.'
  2. herself: a)a girl who is never looked up to others b)unique c)never wanted to be like others
    That girl always acts like herself.