• US /hɪr/
  • UK /hɪə(r)/
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  • adv. 向這裡 ; 此時 ; ;
  • It's so hot in here, can I open the window?
  1. A place that always follows [you].
    In school: I'm here At home: I'm here In the street: I'm here
  2. What one would say smoking herb in a circle when passing to your left.
    Your Mom: Yo, pass that shit son. Son: Here
  3. In parts of Scotland, "here" is an informal replacement for: 1.Excuse me. 2.Listen to this!
    1."Here man, can I get a fag?" 2."Aw, here! Have you ever talked to Joe? He's mad, man!"
  4. The most commonly used word between stoners.
    "Here man." while passing a peice in a circle.
  5. The only place you'll ever be.
    Being "here" is the only way to truly experience life.
  6. Not there.
    Come here