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  • noun pl. 藥用植物 ; 草本 ; 草藥;
  • I use fresh herbs whenever I cook lunch or dinner

博物館員 (The Economic Botanical Collection)

博物館員 (The Economic Botanical Collection) Image 09:21
  1. - this one's from spain, this one's from paraguay, another one from paraguay... - and these are just spices and herbs and other byproducts, and is that parsley?

    這個是西班牙來的,這個是巴拉圭來的,這也是巴拉圭來的... - 這些是香料和草藥以及副產品,那個是荷蘭芹嗎?
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【料理食譜】鮭魚料理輕鬆上桌! (How to Cook Salmon)

【料理食譜】鮭魚料理輕鬆上桌! (How to Cook Salmon) Image 03:11
  1. add flavor to your fillets. rub the flesh side with your favorite herbs.

  2. you can use fresh, or dried herbs. dried herbs are more concentrated,

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【Jamie Oliver料理教室】不一樣的料理!超美味香菇燉飯 (Jamie's Perfect Mushroom Risotto)

【Jamie Oliver料理教室】不一樣的料理!超美味香菇燉飯 (Jamie's Perfect Mushroom Risotto) Image 03:23
  1. to get these mushrooms, i'm going to pick some nice herbs. i love chervil, very, very

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May 8, 2015 - CNN Student News with subtitle May 8, 2015 - CNN Student News with subtitle

May 8, 2015 - CNN Student News with subtitle May 8, 2015 - CNN Student News with subtitle Image 10:01
  1. we specialized on micro greens, baby greens, culinary herbs and lettuces.

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  1. used by rapper esoteric, in the song herb. pronounced like its spelled, no silent h. it doesnt mean weed or drugs, its a term for someone who follows trends, or just is a complete bullshitter. basicly one of those kind of people that nobody likes.
    'yo you a herb, if you say you rhyme off the mind but your hype mans backin up every single line' 'you a herb, if you steal out the tip-cup if you still wear a hat with the visor flipped up'
  2. 1) (on the streets) A stupid person. 2) (on the internet)A geek or a dork. A stupid person. 3) Weed.
  3. Insult synonomous with loser but can have multiple negative connotations. Pronounced "HURB" with no silent 'h.'The term was popularized in upstate New York and spread from there. The word herb has nothing to do with marijuana.
    Guy 1: Yo, I saw Melvin in the bathroom crying because he got a 93 on the math test! Guy 2: Word? That kid is a total HERB!
  4. Someone who tries too hard to be cool. An overzealous poseur. When you think you're on some next shit, but you're really on some bullshit
    Man, I saw that herb on Bedford Ave., wearing a mesh hat and a Great White shirt, and carrying a can of Sparks. Why is R. Kelly wearing that Lone Ranger mask? Dude is a herb. Tell that herb to cool down. No one else wants the DJ to play electroclash.
  5. 1. (noun) Nerd; dork; geek; generally uncool person. Originated in early 1980s Burger King ad campaign in which a nerd named HERB was featured. The term was subsequently embraced by the hip hop generation. 2. (noun) Weed. Silent H.
    Manny is such a herb; he got 10-inch rims on his purple escort.
  6. Someone who tries more than anything to be cool, to the point of ironic backfire, because the person gets annoying, achieving a reputation for getting in the way and pretending to know everything but with an extreme lack of merit. As a result, trying so hard to be cool has the opposite effect, and one becomes a "herb" [herb].
    (in new york accent) "kevin yo' such a herb, yo' goin' to xavier, one uh da best private schools in da city and yo' failin' spanish.
  7. a slang tern for marijuana
    I toked on some sweet herb last night!
  8. a loser...someone who tries to be like like other people to much...someone whos a cornball etc...
    none needed -everyone knows someone like that
  9. A slang Term Used for Marijuana, Cannabis Sativa/etc
    u slang herbs? Got some Herbs? lets smoke some herbs
  10. n. An inept moron. One who says dumb things at innapropriate times. One who rips off ideas from other people. (aka Herbamania, H-Factor, Herbitude V 1.0)
    Wow, that was the goddamn stupidest thing I've ever heard. He really did pull a Herbs.